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Meet Translators Family

Some regular members of our translation team

Russian/Ukrainian linguists and managers

Name: Oleg Semerikov

Position: Founder and general manager

Working with us since: 2006

Acquired for Translators Family: 200+ customers

Oleg started as a freelance translator (English into Russian) when he was still acquiring his Master’s degree in translation. Possessing rather good organisational and business skills, as well as a flair for generating new ideas, he founded the Translators Family team of translators in 2006. Thanks to his devotion to quality and determination, the team is operating successfully today and is registered now as a Polish translation agency.

During his career, Oleg has performed all the duties of his agency: he has worked as a translator, editor and copywriter, and was QA, project, sales and HR manager before those roles were taken on by other employees. So, he’s familiar with all the nuances of his business.

Name: Inna Latysheva

Position: Human resources manager

Working with us since: 2014

Tested and hired for Translators Family: 100+ linguists

Inna is responsible for selecting new freelance suppliers. Having two higher qualifications and many years of work experience, she knows how to choose the best linguists for our team. She works closely with our proofreaders to test every new member of our team.

Name: Larisa Khomenko

Position: Russian and Ukrainian linguistic editor/proofreader

Working with us since: 2007

Proofread with Translators Family: 10 million+ words

Larisa is one of our most active proofreaders.
Apart from Translators Family she has worked for a wide range of Russian and Ukrainian magazines as a proofreader and supervising editor.

Some of the large projects she has proofread with us include business and marketing translations for a number of footwear and clothing companies, documentation for a department of education in the US and two UK agencies, content of a number of websites.

Fluent in English and with native Russian and Ukrainian, she is able to provide bilingual proofreading services that leave texts sparkling.

Name: Ilya Savkevych

Position: Project manager

Working with us since: 2009

Managed with Translators Family: 30 million+ words

Ilya is an experienced project manager, having worked as a freelance English-to-Russian translator before joining Translators Family. He speaks English, Russian and Ukrainian.

Combining these two essential skills of translator and manager, Ilya is responsive, reliable, and a smart project manager. He knows how to translate, which linguists to assign to a particular job, and how to correctly organise the translation process. He is able to perform some translations himself, for example, a small but very urgent job if he has some free time. He also performs final quality checks before delivering any translation.

Name: Oleksiy Savkevych

Position: Quality assurance manager

Working with us since: 2009

Translated and edited with Translators Family: 15 million+ words

Oleksiy has been our quality assurance manager in large-volume translation projects related to the areas of politics (Russian into English translation of website with 2 million words), the metallurgy and cement industry (English into Russian translation of more than 7 million words), legal (Russian into English translation of more than half a million words), education (more than 3 mln words) and more.

Name : Svitlana Savkevych

Position: Russian and Ukrainian linguistic proofreader

Working with us since: 2012

Proofread with Translators Family: 1 mln+ words

At Translators Family, Svitlana is primarily involved in our long-term English-to-Russian translation project for the Department of Education. She holds a Master’s degree in Ukrainian and Russian philology and, together with her husband Oleksiy, has translated a number of full-length books.

Name: Andrey Masalov

Position: English-to-Russian technical translator and editor

Working with us since: 2006

Translated with Translators Family: 15 million+ words

Andrey is an expert in technical and IT translation with a doctorate in technical sciences and a Master’s degree in physics. He has translated a wide range of technical specifications, manuals, patents and other documents for well-known clients such as

His translation projects have included large jobs for such end clients as FLSmidth, Siemens, Aspen, Bechtel Power Corporation, Honda Motors, Omitec, Baker Hughes, Taneco, Reftinskaya GRES, Alstom, Microsoft, as well as Shtokman Gas-Condensate Field and Kashagan Field Development.

Name: Gennadiy Gonchrov

Position: Russian/Ukrainian to English & English into Russian/Ukrainian translator, subtitler

Working with us since: 2013

Translated and edited with Translators Family: 100,000+ words

Holding a Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English, along with a university degree in translation, Gennadiy has sufficient prowess to translate into English at a near-native level. He has over 11 years’ commercial experience in translation, his main areas of expertise being marketing, journalism, law (general), business and economics, hospitality and tourism.

One of his projects was the 2 mln. Russian into English translation of a Ukrainian political website.

Name: Anna Shevchenko

Position: English-to-Russian translator

Working with us since: 2015

Translated with Translators Family: 200,000+ words

Anna is a skilled specialist with both philological and economical (project management) education. She is fully conversant in translation of business, commercial, and marketing documentation. Anna closely cooperates with some Kharkov universities, translating a number of scientific articles, thesis researches, patents in the field of ACS, radio electronics, telecommunication networks, ergonomics.

She has translated with us a number of marketing and business projects, including transcreation tasks.

Name: Vladimir Lor

Position: English-to-Russian/Ukrainian technical translator and editor

Working with us since: 2007

Translated and edited with Translators Family: 10 million+ words

Before becoming a freelance translator, Vladimir spent five years working as an in-house technical translator and interpreter at a pump plant. Vladimir is known for his smooth, fluent writing style which lends itself well to mixed technical and marketing translations.

He has taken part in many large technical translation and editing projects with us, including: long-term ongoing (over 5 years) English-Russian translation of documentation of equipment and services related to cement and minerals industries; long-term (4 years) project for a supplier of diagnostic equipment and services to the automotive industry; and more.

Name: Andrey Shuliak

Position: German-to-Russian technical translator

Working with us since: 2012

Translated and edited with Translators Family: 200,000+ words

Andrey’s experience includes German into Russian translation of operation manuals for the complete Audi 2014 product range, operation manuals for Volkswagen Golf VII and Passat models and Volkswagen Discover + Pro navigation systems; German to Ukrainian and Russian translation of hundreds of manuals for washing and cleaning equipment; German into Russian translations of standard DIN 18202 (Tolerances in building construction), several technical standards for Russian railways, and many more.
He has translated articles on computers and consumer electronics for Chip and Computer Bild magazines.

Name: Oksana and Oleksandr Usichenko

Position: German/English-to-Russian translators

Working with us since: 2010

Translated with Translators Family: 1 mln+ words

Oksana and Oleksandr provide a strong partnership translating from English and German into Russian and Ukrainian. They specialise in technology, engineering, automotive, electronics, printing and publishing, IT and a wide range of other industries.

They have taken part in translation projects such as: vehicle and equipment manuals (Ford, BMW, Mercedes, Toyota); interfaces and software manuals (Microsoft, Sony, Samsung, Siemens); technical operation manuals for industrial and agricultural machinery (CNH, John Deere, Viking), home appliances and electric tools (Bosch, Makita); clinical trials and surveys of medication (Respironics, Microlife, Carestream, Solvay) and more.

Name: Ludvig Glavati

Position: English-to-Russian translator and editor

Working with us since: 2010

Translated with Translators Family: 2 million+ words




Name: Ganna Shalia

Position: English/Italian to Russian/Ukrainian translator

Working with us since: 2012

Translated and edited with Translators Family: 5 mln.+ words

Name: Tatiana Kilmayeva

Position: English-to-Russian translator

Working with us since: 2012

Translated with Translators Family: 500,000+ words

Name: Elena Kozar

Position: French/English-to-Russian translator and editor

Working with us since: 2015

Translated with Translators Family: 50,000+ words




Name: Viktoria Ievseieva

Position: English-to-Russian/Ukrainian translator

Working with us since: 2014

Translated: 800,000+ words

Viktoria is a technical and IT translator with Bachelor’s degree in electro-mechanics engineering. She also has experience in translations for the tourism sector.

Name: Ilja Zmiejev

Position: Russian and Polish voice-over artist

Working with us since: 2016

Ilja Zmiejev is a Russian and Polish actor, voice-over artist and previously a radio host. He appeared in more than 60 films. Ilja is known for his voice, have been recording as a voice-over artist for a number of TV and Internet commercials. As a hobby, he also records audio books of the Russian classics such as the Master and Margarita and Eugene Onegin. Translators Family is the agent of Ilja as a voice-over artist on the global scale.

Our Polish and English linguists

Name: Maria Jaszczurowska

Position: English-to-Polish translator and proofreader

Working with us since: 2015

Translated: 2,5 million+ words

Maria has an M.A. in English philology, completed as full-time studies at the Jagiellonian University. She is primarily a literature translator, but her major projects in other areas include corporate procedures, policies and confidential legal agreements. She also has experience as a copywriter and proofreader.

Since 2014 she is a sworn translator, certified by the Polish Ministry of Justice.

Name: Simon Hodkinson

Position: German-to-English translator, proofreader, copywriter

Working with us since: 2014

Translated and edited: 5 million+ words

Simon is a language services provider with a diverse portfolio, having worked on a wide range of translation, localisation and marketing projects. He specialises in copywriting services and in German-to-English translation, with particular expertise in the fields of IT and education.