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Why Choose Us

Translators Family

Boutique translation agency: because specialisation matters

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Your choice of language service provider matters. At Translators Family, we believe our unique size and structure makes us the perfect alternative to both other translation agencies and individual freelance translators.

Translators Family compared with other translation agencies

Specialisation in a limited number of languages

Many translation agencies claim to “specialise” in all possible language pairs. But by definition, it’s impossible to specialise in everything!

At Translators Family, we specialise in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian translations. For multilingual projects extending beyond these languages, we are also used to cooperating with freelance translators and other teams or boutique agencies.
We offer the services that we know we can deliver – so that you can have peace of mind in knowing that we know what we’re doing.

Subject matter experts and specialist translators

We have a strong portfolio in our specialist fields and sub-fields – see the Expertise section of our website for more information.

This kind of specialisation allows us to handle highly demanding texts and still deliver top-quality results.

Five-step quality control

Our working process includes five-step quality assurance and control based on ISO 17100:2015 (previously EN 15038), ISO 9001 and LISA standards, as well as the recommendations of numerous translators’ associations. To learn more, visit our Work process page.

No need to pay for overheads

Larger translation services companies sometimes add extra charges and overheads to their fees without passing any tangible benefits on to you. Along with the cost of your translation, you may find you are also paying for things like pricey offices in London, New York or Tokyo, highly paid managers, excessive in-house staff, high taxes, and more. If you’ve had enough of paying all of these extra costs, why not work with our translation team instead?

We operate in Ukraine and Poland, countries known for low taxes and affordable office rents. The rates stated on this website and in our quotes include all taxes – so when you work with us, there are never any hidden costs.

Our experience has shown that if you order Ukrainian, Russian or Polish translation from, for example, a London-based company, the job will almost certainly be carried out by a freelance translator from Ukraine, Russia or Poland respectively – or by a smaller company from Central and Eastern Europe such as ourselves.

Full range of services

We offer the same full package of services that large companies provide (project management, translation, website and software localisation, linguistic and technical editing, DTP, QA, SEO, copywriting, etc.), but our slim margins and local touch mean we are able to offer the same services at more competitive rates.

Native-speaker translators

This is a key factor if you want to ensure that the translations you receive are top-quality. If a translator translates into a foreign language, they may make grammatical or style errors or miss out on linguistic or cultural nuances. The only way to guarantee quality is to ensure that a translator has lived for a long time in the country where their target language is an everyday working language.

In our case, for example, our English into Russian translations are carried out by native Russian-speaking professionals, and English into Ukrainian translations by native Ukrainian-speaking professionals.

Discounts on repetitive texts and long-term projects

The more work we do for you, the lower our rate is. We love cooperating with reliable clients on a permanent basis, which is why we’re happy to offer discounts of up to 20% for large or long-term projects.

If a text is highly repetitive, we may also be able to offer discounts of up to 80% to reflect the speed and efficiency with which we can process such material.

Translator evaluation and performance monitoring

By default, every translation our translators produce is reviewed and assessed by a proofreader or QA manager. To find out more about how this guarantees quality and motivates our translators, see our Translators’ Incentive programme.

Responsive managers with translation experience

Our managers are experienced translators in their own right and that makes them highly competent communicators. A dedicated manager can be available during clients’ working hours.

Translators Family compared with freelance translators

Organisational issues? No problem!

Freelancers prefer to reduce to a minimum the organisational issues such as arranging payment terms and methods with each client, invoicing, investing in required software, contracting colleagues to proofread their work, and so on. And why should they? If you’re a translator, you should be free to focus on what you do best – translation. We take care of the rest.

Two heads are better than one

And at Translators Family, we have even more! We firmly believe that even the most skilled professional translator’s work should always be checked – after all, to err is human. At Translators Family, the translations within our Premium translation package are checked by five linguists: by the translator, an editor or proofreader, by the translator again to accept or reject any changes, a QA manager, and then finally by the project manager before final delivery.

A lone translator can’t hope to match this kind of rigour – which is exactly why translation agencies are so valuable.

Bespoke project management system

Our in-house web-based project management system saves time for everyone involved in a project. To find out more about it, see our Project Management page.

Proven professional translators

We thoroughly test and evaluate all of our linguists before hiring them, and we continue to assess their work over time.

24/7 availability

With a broad spectrum of linguists in our database and dedicated project managers, we’re ready to take on projects any time – and with so many specialists to choose from, we have the experts needed to handle even the most challenging, multifaceted texts. Cooperating with you on a long-term basis, we will reply your queries right away, no matter what time zone you live in.

Rapid turnaround for urgent projects

A single freelance translator can usually translate 2,000 to 2,500 words per day without sacrificing quality. By contrast, our network of translators allows us to handle over 40,000 words per day.