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Planes, trains or automobiles – whatever your subject matter in the automotive and transport industries, there are some things you’ll always need: precision, reliability and specialist technical and local knowledge. That’s where Translators Family comes in.

When translating specialist automotive-engineering texts – or even consumer brochures – we know as well as you do that “close enough” just isn’t good enough.

Looking for a reliable translation vendor for your automotive project? Read about our latest project for Delphi Technologies in this case study.

Nothing but pinpoint accuracy will do, and our translators know the importance of checking and double-checking figures and specifications to make sure everything is as it should be. In addition, our rigorous editing and QA processes ensure that no factual or linguistic errors will slip through.

As for subject matter knowledge, this is a field which we understand innately. We have a diverse pool of experienced translators who know automotive engineering inside and out, and we can handle a wide range of specialist file types including AutoCAD drawings and layout-sensitive brochures. In addition, our local touch means we can truly localise texts, working with you to adapt them for local markets wherever necessary.

Why choose Translators Family for your automotive translation projects?

  • Highly experienced technical translators with extensive knowledge of the technical terminology used in the automotive industry.
  • First-class translations that meet your deadlines.
  • A 5-step quality control system. Here the whole team combines to pull together its vast experience of the industry and extensive knowledge of its many processes in order to apply its collective knowledge.
  • We utilise only the very latest cutting-edge linguistic tools, allowing us to amass a comprehensive set of glossaries, in combination with our extensive dictionaries of related technical terms.

Some of our translation projects for the automotive sector

Automotive translation project 7

Long-term (4 years) English-Russian translation project for a supplier of diagnostic equipment and services to the automotive industry (including several of their own brands). The project included: user manual for a vehicle control touchscreen, climate, navigation, audio/infotainment, phone and other systems; a large volume of interface strings to be used in diagnostic tools; a vehicle user manual; documentation on hazardous material de-pollution; and more. More than 435,000 words translated.

Automotive translation project 6

English into Russian translation of a locomotive manual for a mining equipment corporation. 380 pages.

Automotive translation project 6

English-Russian project for a leading international supplier of automotive electronics & mechatronics. Translation of user manuals of service tools designed to connect to, and communicate with, a number of control modules and allow the user to extract information to aid the diagnosis of system problems. About 60,000 words.

Automotive translation project 5

English/German into Russian translation of several manuals for Honda Motors.

Automotive translation project 4

Tunnel Boring Machines. 200 pages translated from English into Russian.

Automotive translation project 1

2014-present: English into Russian translations for a company which serves clients in the rail industry and other related sectors, developing and designing passenger information systems. More than 60,000 words.

Automotive translation project 2

Long-term English into Russian project for a world leader in transport infrastructure, power generation and electrical grids.

Examples of translated documents: reports regarding track inspections in Moscow, preliminary technical report, bogie frame test specification, locomotive 25 t/axle – large gauge bogie frame finite element calculation report, series transformer development report. More than 440,000 words translated.

Automotive translation project 3

Manuals for MAN trucks translated from German into Russian. More than 500 pages.

Some of our translation projects for the transportation sector

Transport translation project 3

2016: French-Russian translation of the statute and classification of the company activities of a transportation company from Tunis.

Transport translation project 2

2014-present: English into Russian translations of online system user manuals, safety rules, video subtitles and more for a company which provides contract logistics solutions along the entire supply chain for customers from a wide variety of sectors.

Transport translation project 1

Guide to company transport operations, procedures, policies and safety matters. English-Russian translation.