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What separates business and marketing translations from other specialist translation fields? We believe it’s all about visibility.

Professionalism matters. Press releases, corporate earnings reports, trade show flyers and all other kinds of business and marketing translations need to give confidence to investors, customers and partners alike. That means finding your company’s voice in a brand new language – and with our clear focus on localisation and transcreation between specific European languages , we know exactly how to do just that.

Quality is important, as well. The last thing you want is an inaccurate translation or even just an awkward typo, so first-class quality control is essential. We offer detailed review work by linguistic proofreaders and subject matter experts to make sure everything is just right.

Why choose Translators Family for your business and marketing translation?

  • Experienced marketing translators equipped with the linguistic flair to make your business stand out.
  • Professional native-language control at every stage of the translation process.
  • Highly competitive, transparent rates (from €4 per 100 source words for Russian and Ukrainian translations)
  • Full range of localisation services: website and software localisation, copywriting, ad copies writing and translation, transcreation, multilingual SEO, and more.
  • Up to 80% discounts for repetitions and up to 20% for large volumes.
  • Use of the very latest cutting-edge linguistic tools, allowing us to amass a comprehensive set of glossaries, in combination with our extensive dictionaries of business and financial terms.
  • Bespoke management application, saving precious time by streamlining the process of creating and tracking jobs, facilitating communications, and storing files and job information in one easy-to-access place.



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Some of our translation projects for businesses

Business & Marketing-13

Translation of a wide range of marketing materials as part of other, larger projects related to other areas of expertise.

Business & Marketing-12

A set of marketing brochures (about 10,000 words each) was translated for a regular client, the world’s largest sustainability services company focused on industrial water, energy and air applications.

Business & Marketing-11

English-Russian translation of press releases for a global supplier of engineering thermoplastics. More than 30,000 words.

Business & Marketing-10

2013-present: English into Russian translations for an American company specialising in audio noise reduction and audio encoding/compression: brochures, newsletters, staff training documents, website materials and more. Over 50,000 words with more to come.

Business & Marketing-9

2015-present: English into Russian transcreation of partner handouts, brochures, a sales presentation and other marketing materials for a company that designs, manufactures and markets video surveillance software and equipment.

Business & Marketing-8

2015-present: English into Russian translation and research of keywords for an online travel company. A translator familiar with SEO techniques was assigned for this project.

Business & Marketing-7

2012-present: English into Russian translation of newsletters, emails and marketing materials for a popular multinational corporation that designs and manufactures sports shoes, clothing and accessories.

Business & Marketing-6

2016: English into Russian translations for a vertically-integrated lifestyle clothing company based in Germany. Marketing and web materials.

Business & Marketing-5

2015: German to Polish translation of marketing materials, emails and questionnaires for a German company which operates in the fields of energy trading, gas stations and building materials.

Business & Marketing-4

2009-present: English into Russian translations for a global leader in innovative comfort footwear for men, ladies and kids founded in Denmark. Print and website marketing materials (leaflets, booklets, descriptions of new collections, web pages, etc.). More than 70,000 words with more to come.

Business & Marketing-3

2013-2015: German into Russian translation of manuals, catalogues and brochures for a leading provider of household products.

Business & Marketing-2

2012-present: German and English into Russian translation of press releases, brochures and user manuals for a multinational company that develops, produces and sells light and compact construction equipment and provides associated services.

Business & Marketing-1

2014-present: English into Russian translation of the website, news and marketing materials for a company that designs, engineers and manufactures sails for racing and cruising sailboats. Our translators and subject matter experts (who sail themselves) successfully handled the highly specialist terminology. More than 45,000 words.

Did you know…

Part of running a business is about making the best possible deals. With our offices in Poland and Ukraine and our streamlined approach, we’re able to cut down on management and rent costs compared with oversized agencies in London or New York. We pass the savings on to you.