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Educational material translation

Importance of the quality of translation for education purposes

Any linguistic project for the education sector, be it localisation, translation or copywriting, needs be as close to perfect as humanly possible. Why? It’s all about setting a standard. Educational material should be considered an authoritative source, both in terms of its content and its linguistic quality. If an error slips through, we risk accidentally teaching the next generation to repeat it.

In other words, educational documents need to be completely accurate in every way. Thanks to our multi-step quality control systems, we at Translators Family are able to identify and correct any mistakes that may occur throughout the localisation process. Our highly-trained native-speaker translators are fully aware of the linguistic rules and conventions of their target language, so you can be confident of receiving beautifully-written, perfectly accurate translations that match your expected style and tone. In addition, our past experience with translation projects in the education sector has left us fully briefed on the established facts and the latest trends.

Why choose Translators Family for translation in the education sector?

  • Skilled, experienced translators with strong linguistic training
  • Multi-step quality control to identify and correct errors
  • Highly competitive, transparent rates (from €4.90 per 100 source words for Russian and Ukrainian translations)
  • An understanding of how educational systems can differ around the world, guaranteeing true localisation as well as translation
  • Up to 80% discounts for repetitions and up to 20% for large volumes
  • Ability to handle a wide variety of document formats and provide additional services such as desktop publishing (DTP) and web development

Some of our translation projects related to education

Educational project 3

013-2015: German into Russian translation of e-learning materials for Europe’s leading e-learning provider.

Educational project 2

2016-present: English to Polish translation project for a new company, Warsaw School of Business and Finance. Translation of the company website to follow.

Educational project 1

2013-present: Long-term ongoing English-Russian translation for a department of education in the US. Translated documents include monthly school menus, letters, notices, information about schools and their admissions priorities and programmes, programme attendance standards, parent handbooks, handouts and student learning performance assessments. More than 500,000 words already translated.

Did you know…

Education systems can vary dramatically between countries as well as within them. For example, each Bundesland (federal state) in Germany has its own separate education policy, meaning that learning materials sometimes need to be adapted depending on where in the country they will be used.