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Experts in translation for the oil & gas and energy industries

We find ourselves in a time of change for the energy sector. On the one hand, oil and gas production continues apace, with modern extraction techniques and technologies like carbon capture and storage changing the face of the industry. On the other hand, renewable energy is on the rise: solar, wind and hydro power projects are becoming big business, creating a whole new area of specialisation.

At Translators Family, our specialist translators for the energy sector make sure to keep their fingers on the pulse of the industry, staying up to date on terminology, techniques and breaking news. Energy-sector translations may need to promote a strong public image for the company commissioning them or deliver precise technical detail – or even both at the same time. As experts in mixed technical and marketing content, we’re more than capable of rising to such a challenge.

Why choose Translators Family for your oil, gas and energy translation projects?

  • An experienced pool of technical translators with extensive knowledge of both technical and legal terminology associated with the oil, gas and energy industries.
  • High-quality translations meeting your specific deadlines.
  • A multi-stage quality assurance process.
  • Expertise in DTP and graphic design for technical documentation, including AutoCAD drawings.

Some of our translation projects for the oil, gas and energy sectors

Energy translation project 8

2014-2015: English into Russian translation of technical manuals, brochures and other materials for a company which offers climate and farm management solutions. More than 70,000 words.

Energy translation project 7

2015: German to Polish translation of marketing materials, emails and questionnaires for a German company which operates in the fields of energy trading, gas stations and building materials.

Energy translation project 6

2013-present: English into Russian translation of operating guides, software strings and more for a multinational corporation that specialises in electricity distribution and automation management and produces installation components for energy management. More than 300,000 words with more to come.

Energy translation project 5

2012-present: English into Russian translations for the world’s largest temporary power generation company, and a major supplier of temperature control equipment: safety rules, user manuals and other technical documentation. More than 200,000 words already translated.

Energy translation project 4

English-Russian translation of a large project for the energy division of an international corporation. The project included text in the areas of engineering, oil and gas, design and development processes, accounting, finance, safety and more. The project involved about 300,000 words.

Energy translation project 3

Documentation for Karachaganak field development project: electrical equipment & instrument data sheets, pre-commissioning procedure for compressor hall, cable schedule, etc. English-Russian translation of more than 900 pages.

Energy translation project 2

English-Russian translations for Kashagan field development. Power engineering operations manuals: gas fuel system, power turbine, vent system, generator, etc. More than 100,000 words.

Energy translation project 1

English-Russian translations for a Sakhalin project – LNG Plant. Oil custody transfer flow metering system: quality control plan, functional design specification, analyser enclosure procedure, calibration procedures, PLC documentation, etc. 71,000 words translated.