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Translation for government and politics

Translation for Government & Politics

Translation services for government agencies, NGOs and political news

The news business loves a fast-moving political story. As a government agency or NGO working in this sector, you need to keep pace – and you need to choose a translation agency that can keep up with you.

Translators Family delivers fast, efficient translations that meet the needs of all organisations in this sector. Our pool of more than 300 translators can

work together on large projects, allowing us to complete translations much faster than any lone provider. Meanwhile, our custom-built project management system speeds up communication and delivery times to guarantee the swiftest possible turnaround.

Why choose Translators Family for your government and political translation projects?

  • Past experience handling long-term high-volume projects with exceptionally short turnaround times
  • Our 5-step quality assurance procedure guarantees complete consistency of terminology, numerical accuracy and ultimately that the finished product is completely free of errors.
  • Up to 80% discounts for repetitive text and up to 20% for large orders, in addition to initial competitive translation rates

Some of our translation projects related to government and politics