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Information technology is a global business: every country in the world wants to be up to date with the latest software, hardware and documentation. There’s just one question: how do you localise your products and all associated material for each of these wildly diverse markets?

Rather than outsourcing to a single, cumbersome, over-generalised translation agency, savvy businesses will save costs by working

with a number of focused boutique providers who specialise in their own particular languages and markets. These smaller, leaner operators can offer low costs and high quality thanks to their dedication to a smaller market which they know in depth.

Translators Family is one such organisation: a tightly-focused operator which stands ready to translate your IT content for European markets.

Why choose Translators Family for your IT translation projects?

  • We have an extensive network of IT specialists with in-depth experience.
  • Knowledge and understanding of how context affects translation.
  • Careful editing by IT experts with industry experience.
  • Use of technical tools and knowledge to localise all elements of IT projects, from meta tags to graphics.
  • We cooperate with web developers, designers and SEO specialists who can assist us with the full range of localisation services for your IT project.
  • We give up to 80% discounts for repetitive phrases and terms.
  • You receive a top-quality translation ready for sale on the target market


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Some of our translation projects for the IT sector

IT Translation-13

2014-present: English into Russian translation for a global leader in IP video management software and surveillance solutions. The project included: architecture and engineering specifications, software strings and help files, marketing materials, brochures, license agreements, website content and more. More than 100,000 words with more to come.

IT Translation-12

2014-present: English into Russian translation of software strings for a UK software development company.

IT Translation-11

2013-present: English into Russian translation of operating guides, software strings and more for a multinational corporation that specialises in electricity distribution and automation management and produces installation components for energy management. More than 300,000 words with more to come.

IT Translation-10

German/English into Russian translation and localisation of CAD software documentation for electrical engineering, fluid engineering and process and control engineering. The project included translation and localisation of the GUI, help files and master data. 100,000 words.

IT Translation-9

Translation of interface strings for a corporation’s software application. More than 20,000 words translated from English into Russian.

IT Translation-8

Anti-phishing awareness guide. English into Russian translation.

IT Translation-7

Release Notes for SQL Server. English into Russian translation.

IT Translation-6

Microsoft eAgreements. English to Ukrainian and English into Russian translation of about 25,000 words.

IT Translation-5

AUTOCAD software localisation. More than 50,000 words translated and localised from English into Russian.

IT Translation-4

Microsoft Dynamics AX documentation (enterprise resource planning solution). English into Russian translation.

IT Translation-3

Dell™ Document Viewer documentation. English into Russian translation.

IT Translation-2

English into Russian translation of a large volume of SAP Business ByDesign documentation.

IT Translation-1

Visual Studio software localisation. More than 800,000 words translated from English into Russian.

Did you know…?

  • IT is a field with many sub-specialisations: Even if a translator has experience in translation of user interface text, they may be helpless when faced with computer hardware documentation or materials related to intellectual property.
    At Translators Family we have IT translators with a wealth of experience in many specialist fields. Our project managers know how to choose the right translators for your project.
  • To err is human, so no matter how professional the translator is, there should always be an editor – or better still, two editors (technical and linguistic) – in order to verify the quality of an IT translation.
    We use a comprehensive multi-stage quality control and assurance process for IT translations: technical editing by another specialist IT translator or SME; linguistic editing by a third linguist; QA checks by our QA; spot-checks by our project manager.
  • Professional IT translators should not just translate, but rather genuinely adapt the text for the target market.
    We are well aware of the nuances of Russian, Polish, Ukrainian and other European markets and cultures, including unique culture-specific concepts. This lets us ensure our translations are easily understandable, acceptable, fluent and accurate for the target users of your IT product.