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The importance of good legal translation

The translation of legal and financial documents should be left to the experts. Any translation of such documents must be one hundred percent error-free. We offer professional legal and financial translation services for all popular languages.

We also offer sworn translations in Poland and notarised translations in Ukraine. Our clients are law firms (e.g., OK Capital), financial advisors and institutions (e.g.. Eastern Wires), chambers of commerce (e.g., Polish Dominican Chamber of Commerce), and more. In 2020 we signed a contract with the European Parliament.

At Translators Family, we ensure that only specialist legal translators work on content with specific legal implications. Our translators are carefully tested and vetted before we assign them any projects, and naturally we only work with linguists who translate into their native language.

For businesses and individuals in Poland we offer sworn translation of official documents certified by eligible sworn translators. This kind of certification has a legal power in all government organisation of Poland.

When you need a certified translation in Ukraine our legal translators will certify their translation at a notary public.

Why choose Translators Family for your legal translation projects?

  • Highly experienced legal translators with extensive knowledge of the specialist terminology used in the legal sector.
  • Sworn translations certified by legal translators for your official documentation.
  • First-class translations that meet your deadlines.
  • 5-step quality control for translations.
  • Our quality assurance procedure guarantees complete consistency of terminology, numerical accuracy and ultimately that the finished product is completely free of errors.
  • We utilise only the very latest cutting-edge linguistic tools, allowing us to amass a comprehensive set of glossaries, in combination with our extensive dictionaries of related technical terms. Together, they help our team to ensure that they deliver work efficiently and with the highest accuracy at every stage of the project.


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Some of our translation projects for the legal sector

Legal translation project 4

Translation of a wide range of legal materials as part of larger projects related to other areas of expertise, including contracts, confidentiality agreements, legal certifications and statements, patent and trademark filings, licenses, expert reports, legal disclaimers and more within engineering, IT, medical, oil and gas and other projects.

Legal translation project 3

2016: Spanish to Polish, English and Italian translation of legal documentation for the website

Legal translation project 2

2015-present: English into Russian and Russian into English translation for a food and agriculture organisation. The project included: documents regarding legislation and jurisdiction on biosafety and GMOs, government programmes on agriculture, census of agriculture and more. More than 150,000 words with more to come.

Legal translation project 1

Large Russian into English translation project for a global legal services provider offering a comprehensive range of commercial legal advice to a multinational client base, acting in complex, multi-jurisdictional transactions and commercial disputes for the world’s largest corporations, financial institutions and government entities. More than 500,000 words of legal and financial documentation translated.

Did you know…

A legal translator needs to be able not only to translate the meaning of a text, but also be able to take account of the legal culture of the source country and express it in terms of the legal culture of the target language. It’s almost like performing two simultaneous translations of one document.

Here is a simple example. In Ukraine there is a type of business entity which can be translated literally as “physical person – entrepreneur”. In Russia, the same type of business entity (again translated literally) is called an “individual entrepreneur”. What would be the correct way to translate it into English? Literally, or by finding an equivalent in Anglo-Saxon legislation? Which legislation to be exact – of the US, the UK, or elsewhere? If you are translating into British English, then we suggest using the British equivalent – “sole trader”. If into American English, then “sole proprietor” would fit better. And there exist far more complicated juristic terms, which often should not be translated word for word, but instead localised into the target language.