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Life sciences and healthcare translation

healthcare translation

The importance of absolutely error-free translations of healthcare texts

Biology, medicine and healthcare are diverse and complex subjects. At Translators Family, we show our respect for these disciplines through careful attention to detail and a high degree of specialisation.
In fields such as these, an error in translation can lead to faulty research or even endanger the health of medical patients.

We do everything possible to avoid such errors by checking work repeatedly as it moves through the translation workflow. Our linguistic QA processes include reviews by linguistic editors, subject matter experts and skilled proofreaders, all of whom help ensure that translated content is accurate in every way.

Why choose Translators Family for translation projects in life sciences and healthcare?

  • Experience translating many projects in the fields of medical technology, life sciences and healthcare.
  • Translators and subject matter experts with medical education.
  • First-class translations that meet your deadlines.
  • Native speakers of target language who know how to adapt content in line with local market regulations and social considerations.
  • A 5-step quality control system.
  • Usage of cutting-edge linguistic tools.

Some of our translation projects for the life sciences and healthcare sectors

Medical devices

Medical devices project 7

Translation from English into Russian of iVent 201 Ventilator usage instructions.

Medical devices project 6

2013-2014: English into Russian translation for a global health care products company and manufacturer of medical devices and supplies. A number of instructions for use.

Medical devices project 5

2013-2014: English into Russian translation for a multinational medical device manufacturer. Instructions for use, manuals, brochures and other materials.

Medical devices project 2

Process lines for the production of human blood plasma products (for Blood Plasma Fractionation Plant). German/English into Russian translations of more than 150 pages.

Medical devices project 4

English into Russian translation of an Infant Incubator Operation and Maintenance Manual. 30,000 words.
2015-present, English into Russian translation of user manuals and other documentation for a leading global in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) medical device company that develops, manufactures and distributes highly specialised products that target IVF treatment. More than 2,000 words.

Medical devices project 3

Process lines for the production of liquid and paste dosage forms (for the manufacture of vaccines, infusions, injection solutions). German/English into Russian translations of 50 pages.

Medical devices project 1

Automated Haematology Analysers. English into Russian translation of operating instructions. 590 pages.

Medical reports

Medical reports project 1

English into Russian translations of nonclinical and clinical overviews and summaries of Beloderm cream and ointment. 45,000 words.

Medical reports project 1

English into Russian translations of a pharmacological toxicology report and clinical report on Aciklovir film-tablet and Aciklovir cream. 32,000 words.


Dentistry project 2

English into Russian translations of dentistry lectures for medical students. 16,000 words.

Dentistry project 1

Project for Dentistry World Conference (conference materials, advertising materials, website publications, press releases, product descriptions). More than 130,000 words translated from English into Russian.