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How to localise your website or software successfully

Here’s an interesting fact: did you know that user interfaces and other software elements often have to be redesigned when translating software and websites from English into Russian or Ukrainian? If your software hasn’t been designed with the Cyrillic alphabet in mind, you may find that you need to make extensive changes to buttons, dialog boxes and other text regions.

At Translators Family, we’re used to dealing with exactly these kinds of challenges, allowing us to identify them in advance and head them off before they slow down a translation project.

We work regularly with a trusted set of software developers and web designers who make us a one-stop shop for website and software localisation. Save yourself the hassle of involving yet another external provider and let us implement translations directly.

We also offer a full range of additional services for website localisation, including transcreation, copywriting and search engine optimisation (SEO) translation. Our local experts will research keywords and adapt your content to boost your placement in search engine rankings, as well as localising text so that it reads fluently – as if it were written from scratch in the target language.

Why choose Translators Family for your website and software translation projects?

  • At Translators Family we have a pool of translators specialising in website and software localisation.
  • Our competent project managers will ensure that we choose the right person for the job.
  • We use a comprehensive multi-stage quality control and assurance process.
  • We offer full-cycle support for localisation projects that goes beyond translation.
  • We closely collaborate with web design agencies, allowing us to offer many additional services.
  • We use computer-assisted translation tools (CAT-tools) to automate the repetitive parts of a job, saving the translator time and the customer money, while still meeting the exacting standards of a real human translator.

Some of our website localisation projects

Website translation project 11

2015-present: English into Russian translation and research of keywords for an online travel company. A translator familiar with SEO techniques was assigned for this project.

Website translation project 10

2016: English/Spanish to Polish translation and localisation of the website and Spanish to Polish, English and Italian translation of legal documentation

Website translation project 9

English into Russian translation and localisation of a British IT company’s intranet site content, about 20,000 words.

Website translation project 7

2011-present: Ongoing English into Russian translation/localisation and proofreading of website and other materials for two related companies in the online sports book, casino, poker & bingo games business. More than 100,000 words.

Website translation project 6

English into Russian translation and localisation for a poker website.

Website translation project 4

Long-term ongoing translation/localisation of website materials for a sports betting website.

Website translation project 3

Several jobs for an online gaming business: English into Russian localisation of management applications offered to the company’s clients to configure and manage their casino games, plus online testing (over 50,000 words).

Website translation project 2

2012-present: German into Russian translation of terms for a specialist web directory in the B2B sector for machinery, industrial goods, business contacts, manufacturers, traders and service providers. It is a long-term ongoing project. Most of the German terms are newly coined and have yet to appear in dictionaries, which makes the work even more intellectually interesting and exciting.

Website translation project 1

2014-2015: Long-term Russian into English translation of a Ukrainian political website  Translation of political news, articles, biographies and politicians’ promises, as well as the website interface. More than 2 million words translated.

Did you know…

  • Russian is now the second most commonly-used language on the Web, beaten only by English. German is in third place, Spanish is the fifth, French is the sixth, Italian is the ninth and Polish closes the top ten.*
  • There are over 872 million English speakers, 256 million Spanish speakers, 103 million Russian speakers, 97 million French speakers, 83 million German speakers, 37 million Italian speakers, 25 million Polish speakers, and 19 million Ukrainian speakers on the Internet.*
  • Our agency specialises in localisation between all of these European languages, allowing our clients to win the largest part of the world audience.