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Diana Jankowiak: My name’s Diana and my guest today is Oleg Semerikov, a translator, a translation agency owner, and a co-author of a book for freelance translators.  And I have one question for Oleg: can you really trust translation agencies?

Oleg Semerikov: I started my career as a freelance translator, so I personally know what it takes to establish a trustworthy relationship with agencies. So far I’ve had only one client who was a fraud and never paid me, but it was at dawn of my career. With that said, there were plenty of late payers, demanding project managers with unreasonable expectations and low rates. But fortunately, I’ve learnt how to spot good and bad agencies. And when I started my own agency, I did my best to become a reliable partner for freelance translators. As a result, most of the translators in my team have worked with me for more than 10 years and they’re happy to continue our collaboration.

In our book, The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Successful Freelance Translator, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of tips on how to learn to trust your translation agency. It’s based on my experience and the experience of my co-author, a British freelance translator, Simon Hodkinson.

If you want to learn to trust your translation agency, the first thing you should look for is good communication. Agencies should provide you with a contact person for each job, who should be quick to respond to emails. They should be courteous and respectful – as should you, of course! And they also should be clear about deadlines and prices. This kind of clear, consistent communication is a really good sign that an agency has a professional attitude and that they take you seriously as a translator.

Diana: In the next video, we’ll tell you how to get over the fear of not getting paid.

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Happy translating!

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