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Localisation of WordPress websites with WPML plugin

Localisation of WordPress websites with WPML plugin

Translators Family offers a convenient and efficient solution for website localisation through our integration with the popular WordPress Multilingual plugin – WPML.
WordPress is undoubtedly the most popular CMS (content management system) on the internet and is currently used by 32% of all websites.*
However, localising a WordPress website into other languages is not always a simple task. Do it manually, and you can come up against a whole host of different problems, especially if you have dynamic web content such as an internet shop or a news portal. But even if you just want to localise a simple one-page informational website, it can still be a time-consuming task. It’s not just about translating the text on the page, but you also have to localise the interface, meta text, pop-ups and many other elements which may not be easy to find in your CMS if you’re not an expert
Thanks to our integration with the WPML plugin, Translators Family offers a seamless solution for the localisation of your WordPress web content. It has never been so easy to create a multilingual website as it is now with this cutting-edge solution. And all it takes is a few clicks:

  • Download and install the three WPML plugins on your WordPress
  • Choose Translators Family as your translation service on the plugin management page
  • Request your API Token to connect WPML with Translators Family.
  • Our professional translators will localise your content and send it back to your site
  • If you choose automatic delivery, the translation will be published on your website right away

If you are already a WPML client please fill up this simple form to request your API Token and connect with WPML:

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    You can also use the plugin to make updates to your site, safe in the knowledge that your content will be updated in all the languages you need without any fuss.
    Reach your global clients with a hassle-free localisation process. Ready to start? Find out how to translate WordPress sites with WPML and Translators Family