Payment Preferences Across European Countries

When planning to sell goods or services in another European country, researching consumers’ most popular payment methods should be an integral part of your localisation strategy. Convenience is a crucial factor in the e-commerce business. We have collected key data on the preferred payment methods used in several European countries to help you optimise your approach.


As of 2022, PayPal was the most popular method for paying online in Germany. 46% of respondents to the corresponding survey favoured this method, while other leading methods included paying by invoice or with a card (debit or credit). As of 2023, it was the leading country worldwide for PayPal usage, followed by the United Kingdom (UK) and Italy.

United Kingdom

  • Over 65% of shoppers in the UK use credit or debit cards.
  • PayPal is used by 59% of users for international purchases and 61% for domestic purchases.
  • Direct debit shows 45% of users for domestic purchases and 33% for international purchases.
  • Open banking and bank transfers are preferred by 23% of users.
  • More than 22% of users like Google Pay.


Similar to the UK, bank card payments make up the majority of online sales in France. Specifically, Carte Bancaire, often referred to as the CB card, is the dominant payment method for online transactions in France.


According to Statista, the number of online shoppers in Belgium is expected to hit 9 million users by 2027. These figures make Belgium a lucrative market for any e-commerce business. When it comes to preferred payment methods in Belgium, Bancontact reigns supreme. This online debit card payment method seamlessly integrates with Belgian banking systems.


In 2023, BLIK was the most popular payment method in Poland for shopping online. That year, nearly seven out of ten Poles chose this method. Besides, almost every fourth respondent used Pay-by-Link payment.


The local payment system EPS takes the lead. Austrian consumers appreciate the convenience of EPS, which enables them to make payments without the need for credit cards or digital wallets.


Credit and debit card payments remain widely used for online transactions in Spain. However, bank transfers, particularly those facilitated through the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), are also becoming popular.


Regarding digital payment methods, Multibanco has a strong presence in the Portuguese market. Multibanco is trusted for its reliability and its extensive network of supported banks, making it accessible to the majority of Portuguese consumers.

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