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What is the cost of translation?

Our Pricing Structure

Boutique translation agency : where top quality meets affordable price

We have developed three translation rate packages for your convenience. The comparison below shows the packages with the services included.

Feel free to contact us to receive an estimate for your project within the selected package. You can also use our request a quote form.

Basic Translation Package

Basic Translation Package

Request the Basic Package for our most effective price while still meeting high-quality standards. It includes translation free of spelling, grammar and terminology errors, completed by a professional translator who will self-check his/her work twice.

This text will be also reviewed by our QA manager and a dedicated Project Manager to ensure everything is correct and in line with your requirements.

This deal is the best for documents for internal use and texts with no further commercial use, such as emails, articles for blogs, document of general non-technical nature, etc. Also possible for those projects where you perform your own internal quality checks.

Standard Translation Package

Standard Translation Package

For important projects, we offer a customisable Standard package. It is intended for websites materials (but NOT for home or landing pages), internal documents, and for those projects where you need high-quality, but you have your own internal quality control, so no extra checks are required.

This includes:

  • project management,
  • translation by translators with 7+ years’ experience,
  • linguistic proofreading or technical editing by another translator (depending on the text),
  • thorough quality assurance.

Premium Translation Package

Premium Translation Package

Order our Premium Package with 5-step quality assurance and control for your projects of vital importance. It is highly recommended for Medical, IT, Engineering, Oil and Gas, Legal, Marketing texts, and all documents for publication and/or for the promotion of your brand/product.

Every stage of the high-quality, for-publication translation process is included:

  • dedicated project management (PM is available during your working hours),
  • glossary and style guide compilation,
  • pre-translation DTP and preparation of files,
  • translation by our best translators with 10+ years’ experience,
  • linguistic proofreading by a linguist,
  • technical editing by another translator or Subject Matter Expert,
  • post-DTP proofreading,
  • thorough quality assurance.

Rate type

Maximum rates

Average rates

Minimum rates

Package name




Extended TEP services

Extended TE services

Translation + QA

Best for

VERY important projects:

important projects:

other projects:

Services included

Translation by a professional translator with proven 7+ years’ experience


Linguistic editing: control of language, grammar, style

Can be replaced with technical editing

Technical editing: control of terminology and appropriate style correctness

Available as additional service
Available as additional service

Quality assurance checks: assurance of terminology and style consistency, adherence to glossary, double check of spelling, grammar, and layout


Glossary and style guide compilation: for consistency of translation and approval of terminology

Available as additional service

Dedicated managers available your working hours


The manager works local working hours

20% discount on our maximum rate for your next order


Free test translation

Up to 300 words
Up to 200 words
Up to 100 words

General manager's personal monitoring: Our General manager is a translator himself with a sharp eye for inaccuracies

Only for disputes
Only for disputes

Free post-DTP proofreading


Final QA by our project manager