How to localise your website for new markets

Demolish the linguistic and cultural barriers that keep you from accessing new markets with our professional localisation services

We give companies and individuals alike the opportunity to build their online presence in other markets with the right message. We do this at competitive prices and at the highest possible quality, thanks to our effective website localisation process and our collaborative approach.

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What is localisation in translation business

Localisation (or localization) is defined as the process of modifying products or services to account for differences in distinct markets. Website and software localisation is not simply translation, but rather a complex process that involves other tasks such as software engineering or web programming and web design, software or web testing, transcreation, search engine optimisation (SEO), and desktop publishing. The content of the localised software or website must “speak to” the end user.

When dealing with localisation projects, we adapt the content to the linguistic, cultural, and technical requirements of the target market.

We localise software and web products, including the software itself (graphics, code, messages), and all related product documentation (help files, manuals, press-releases, etc.). We also take care of copywriting and multilingual SEO.

How does localisation work

Our localisation process is well-organised and guarantees high-quality results. It usually includes the following steps:

Analysis of the material and selection of specialist localisation tools and resources

Cultural, linguistic, and technical assessment

Creation and maintenance of terminology glossaries and style guides

Translation, transcreation and proofreading; translation with SEO in mind (keyword research etc.)

Adaptation of the user interface and resizing dialog boxes to allow for target language space requirements*

Localisation of graphics, scripts, and other media*

Website design*

Compilation and building of localised files, and DTP where applicable*

Testing the localised application on the target operating system and web applications, or testing the website in different browsers and operating systems*

Linguistic and functional quality assurance

Selection and setup of hosting*

Search engine optimisation*

Project delivery