Project Management

Successful translation projects need professional management

Project Management at Translators Family

Our managers are experienced translators in their own right, making them highly competent communicators. Your dedicated manager can be available during your working hours.

Our project managers:

  • Communicate promptly and effectively with clients
  • Choose the right suppliers for each project
  • Ensure the client’s requirements are properly implemented
  • Meet deadlines
  • Plan
  • Monitor and control data
  • Facilitate problem-solving and decision-making
  • Carry out final QA

Project Management System

project management system of a translation agency

Translators Family Workflow Portal

Our in-house online project management application allows maximum automation and fast communication

Result: Fewer delays, smoother processes, better results

We have developed our own translation project management portal to save both our team and our clients precious time. It streamlines the process of creating and tracking jobs, facilitates communication, and stores files and project information in one easy-to-access location.

Functionality for frequent and urgent translations

Over the course of a project, whenever you send us an email with attached files for translation, this application sends them straight to the translators, editors and other specialists assigned to your project. When the final part of the translation is ready, the files go straight to the client’s email address. Our manager simply oversees the progress of work and the confirms and finalises jobs. We can therefore very quickly handle urgent and frequent jobs as part of a larger project, without incurring heavy costs in terms of management man-hours.

We can also set up an API to synchronise our application with a client’s website or application, in order to receive new tasks easily and quickly.