Why proofreading matters

Two heads are better than one, and at Translators Family we have even more

Proof Reading Process at Translators Family

Our golden rule: Every translation should be reviewed at least twice.

“To err is human.” “He is lifeless who is faultless.”

Any translator, no matter how professional, can let mistakes slip through or misunderstand something. That’s why we need more than one head.

Every translation delivered by our translation services company, even by translators with whom we have worked for many years, is reviewed and then assessed by our proofreader and/or QA manager using our checklist of common errors. This checklist is sent to the translator along with the edited text.

This way, the translators always see their own mistakes. The marks are summarised and translators who have excellent marks during a month receive premium bonus payments.

What types of editing / proofreading we offer:

Linguistic Editing

Professional linguist checks spelling, grammar, style, consistency and fluency; completeness and accuracy; appropriateness for target audience; adherence to glossary and style guide

Technical Editing

Subject matter expert (e.g. lawyer, physician, engineer) checks accuracy and consistency of terminology and abbreviations, plus completeness of translation

Complex Editing

  • Two editors: one linguistic, one technical
  • Recommended for mixed specialist texts (medical + marketing, technical + marketing, IT + legal, etc.)


Post-DTP check to eliminate any final typos, grammatical errors, layout problems etc.

Quality assurance (QA)

Final checks by another professional linguist

Quality Assessment

Evaluation report offering feedback to translator

Back Translation

Translated text is converted back to source language and compared against original