Translate, subtitle and produce text versions of videos, audio clips and more

Why choose us for subtitling and transcription?

Video Subtitling & Transcription Services

Let’s turn the question around – why go anywhere else? We can transcribe videos and audio to text, translate them into new languages and create new subtitles to match. At the end of the process, your clips are ready for use in a whole new market.

In addition, you’ll benefit from sourcing all your language services from one provider. The result: streamlined workflows, less hassle, and faster results. And naturally, just like all our other services, our subtitling and transcription professionals are backed up by our rigorous quality control and assessment processes and our first-class project managers.

What is subtitling?

We’ve all seen subtitles – the text that appears at the bottom of a video clip, movie or TV show to assist those who can’t understand the audio, perhaps because they don’t speak the original language or because of hearing impairments.

The subtitling process takes into account the average viewer’s reading speed and the fact that they want to watch a video, rather than spend 100% of their time reading dialogue. Subtitlers condense text where necessary for the sake of efficiency and clarity, as well as ensuring that text appears at the right times and in the right places.

Subtitling is a great way to localise a video into a new language without having to re-shoot footage or re-record audio. Let’s say you’re showing a video to a bilingual audience at a conference – having audio in one language and subtitles in another is a great way to ensure everyone can watch the same video at the same time, without leaving anybody behind.

What is transcription?

Like subtitling, transcription takes spoken dialogue and renders it in a written format – but unlike subtitles, transcriptions are intended to be read separately from the original source. As well as being another great enabler of accessibility, transcriptions allow you to render speech in full, without the risk of having to condense it down and potentially lose information. A transcript in one language can then be easily translated into any other language, allowing your messages to be quickly and easily distributed as broadly as possible.

Subtitling and transcription can be ordered separately, or combined into a single service in order to bring your audio and video to the widest possible audience.