UK Social Media Trends: WhatsApp Dominates, TikTok Captivates Gen Z, and YouTube Reigns Supreme

In 2022, WhatsApp was the most popular social network in the UK, used by almost three-quarters of the population. Facebook is followed closely, with Instagram, Messenger, and Twitter holding top spots.

By 2023, there were 62 million social media users in the UK. Social media is most popular among Gen Z and Millennials, with a 94% reach and 74% of Baby Boomers. Among users, 29% have a bachelor’s degree, and 12% have a household income below £15.6k annually.

73% of the population reports using social media daily, with only 2% never using it.

Gen Z’s favourite is TikTok, with users spending an average of 27 hours per month on the app and 68% engaging daily. The most popular TikTok video in the UK in 2022 garnered over 270 million views.

In June 2023, YouTube was the most recognized social network in the UK, followed by Facebook and Instagram. Despite Twitter’s 92% awareness, only 34% used it, and after Elon Musk’s acquisition in October 2022, its buzz score remained at 21%, compared to Facebook’s 41%.

Top takeaways for businesses to get social media success in the UK

  1. Invest in creative, engaging TikTok and Instagram content to capture the Brits’ attention.
  2. With 73% of the UK population using social media daily, businesses should maintain a consistent, active presence across platforms.
  3. Show your business in video format and succeed on YouTube with your users’ trust.
  4. Discover the tastes and preferences of Gen Z, Millennials, and Baby Boomers to get the most out of social media content.

Do you need content creation for your social media? Check out the benefits of multilingual social media in the UK and worldwide.Based on Statista’s “Social media usage in the United Kingdom (UK) – Statistics & Facts, and Statista’s “Active social media users in the United Kingdom (UK) 2024