Translations for Delphi Technologies

About the client

Delphi Technologies is a leading global automotive emissions, fuel economy and aftermarket solutions provider. Employing over 20,000 people, including 5,000 engineers, the company is headquartered in London and operates technical centres, manufacturing sites and customer support services in 24 countries.

The challenge

The content for translation was very rich in highly specialised terminology describing sailboats, sails, and racing. From “On full batten sails, the forward end of the batten (The Luff End), rests in a solid receptacle” to “3D shapes are translated into panel layouts for downwind sails”, translating a text of this kind could have been a disaster if performed by a translator without a complete understanding of the subject. In addition, the web and marketing materials required a more creative approach than a straightforward word-by-word technical translation.

The solution

To ensure the high quality of the translations, we assigned this project to trusted translators and proofreaders who were both specialised in the automotive area and also native speakers of the target language.
The translators, all well-versed in the field, were able to deliver texts which could be easily understood by the local engineers who would operate the machines. To guarantee consistency within texts being done by different translators, we compiled and translated a glossary. In addition, we also used a CAT tool which enabled us to optimise the translation process and offer the client a discount for repeated text.
Each translation was then proofread by a second experienced linguist to ensure the finished text was flawless.
The final step in the process was the revision of the target files by our QA team to make sure that there were no spelling or technical errors.
Thanks to this well-coordinated work process, and by having the right specialists in place, we were able to successfully complete each batch of the project on time.

New challenges

Our cooperation with Delphi Technologies is still ongoing and we regularly receive additional batches of texts for translation. Additional elements of our continuing collaboration include on-site interpretation and translation into other languages.