MT Post-Editing

A Cost-Effective Solution: Machine Translation With Human Editing

MT Post-Editing Services is an innovative blend of machine translation and human expertise.

Whether you are a business aiming to optimise efficiency or an organisation seeking cost-effective language solutions, our MT Post-Editing services combine the strengths of technology and human refinement to deliver accurate and stylistically relevant content.



Our post-editing process enhances the machine translation output by ensuring accuracy, comprehensibility, and alignment with the ISO 18587 international standard. Distinguished from traditional translation, post-editing involves three texts: the source text, MT output, and the final target text.

Choose between two primary levels of post-editing—light and full—depending on the translation purpose, budget, and client’s specific requirements. The post-editing process can also be automatic or human. At TF, we mainly specialise in full human post-editing, where our skilled post-editors focus on addressing omissions or additions, editing inappropriate content, restructuring sentences for clarity, ensuring proper grammar, syntax, semantics, spelling, punctuation, adhering to client-specific and domain terminology, maintaining the desired style, and applying formatting rules.

For translations into more than three languages, we recommend pre-editing the source text to optimise its compatibility with MT, reducing subsequent costs for post-editing.

Why MT post-editing works for you

MT Post-Editing combines the best of both worlds—technology and human process—to provide accurate, culturally appropriate, and refined translations.

The benefits include:

  • Efficiency
  • Precision
  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • Customisation

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