Preparation and Formatting of Your Documents For Publishing

When translating documents, manuals, or books, you do not need to spend your time formatting and preparing them for publication. Our DTP services ensure that your translations seamlessly match the original layout, resulting in a cohesive and polished final product.



Why Outsource Your DTP Needs?

Let us handle the intricacies of Desktop Publishing (DTP) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Usually, the documents we receive contain non-editable text, images, or specialized software formatting like InDesign or AutoCAD, causing challenges during translation. Our professional OCR and layout preparation for translation, alongside DTP post-translation, guarantee an error-free and visually appealing end result.

Discover the possibilities with Translators Family’s DTP & OCR services:

  • Prepare source documents for translation in CAT tools
  • OCR scanned documents, making text fully editable
  • Align the translation layout with the original or create a new design
  • Edit graphics, drawings, and screenshots
  • Create stunning designs for brochures, books, magazines, and more
  • Convert files to required formats
  • Conduct post-DTP quality assurance checks
  • Utilize leading graphics and publishing software

Experience a swift ordering process:

  • Email your documents to pm@translatorsfamily.com.
  • Receive a quote within 30 minutes (9 am – 5 pm CET).
  • Confirm budget and deadline for a seamless, on-time delivery.

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