Subtitling & Transcription

Creation and Localisation of Subtitles, Ensuring Precise Timecoding

Welcome to Translators Family’s subtitling & transcription services, where we transform audio and video content into accessible, engaging, and multilingual formats.

Whether you are a filmmaker seeking global reach, an e-learning platform enhancing accessibility, or a content creator aiming for broader audiences, our expertise in subtitling and transcription ensures your message transcends language barriers.



Translate, Subtitle And Produce Text Versions Of Videos, Audio Clips, And More

Our holistic approach streamlines workflows, ensuring consistency, quality, and efficiency. Just like all our services, subtitling & transcription benefit from our rigorous quality control, professional assessment, and exceptional project management.

Subtitling: Crafting Multilingual Accessibility

Subtitling involves adding text at the bottom of videos or clips to aid those who can’t understand the audio. Subtitlers ensure text is concise, clear, and aligned with the viewer’s reading speed. Subtitling localises videos effectively, making them accessible to diverse audiences without reshooting or re-recording.

Transcription: Transforming Spoken Dialogue

Transcription converts spoken dialogue into written text. Unlike subtitles, transcriptions are meant to be read separately. Transcriptions provide a comprehensive rendering of speech, allowing for full information retention. Translated transcriptions enable swift, broad distribution of your messages.

Subtitling and transcription can be ordered separately or combined to amplify the reach of your audio and video content. Our comprehensive approach also involves professional translation and at the end of the process, your clips are ready for use in a whole new market.

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