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Two Pairs Of Eyes To Perfect Your Message

At Translators Family, we offer a full suite of proofreading and editing services beyond mere correction—we enhance, polish, and elevate your content to its utmost potential.

Whether you are an author seeking literary excellence, a business professional striving for impactful communication, or a non-native speaker aiming for linguistic mastery, our detailed editing process ensures that your text conveys your message clearly.



We believe

in the power of two pair of eyes principle. No matter how proficient, every translation undergoes a standard assessment process—unless a client specifically requests a translation-only workflow. Our standardised procedure involves revising each translation by a person other than the translator, followed by an assessment by our Quality Control manager using specialised software and our checklist of common errors. This approach guarantees high-quality translations that adhere to the ISO 17100:2015 requirements. Furthermore, we provide supplementary proofreading and editing services that align with the ISO 17100:2015 guidelines.

Types of editing/proofreading we offer

Revision: Our revisers analyse the target language content against the source language content for accuracy, terminology, grammar, punctuation, syntax, style, and suitability for purpose.

Review: Our reviewers assess the target language content’s alignment with the intended purpose and domain. This process includes domain accuracy and adherence to relevant text-type conventions.

Proofreading: An additional checking phase to ensure correct formatting and to catch other issues like typos and typographical errors, preparing the document for publication.

Final Verification: The closing stage before publishing to ensure that all corrections and recommendations are implemented.

We offer a range of value-added services, including Quality Assurance to ensure consistency and guidelines adherence, Quality Assessment to provide an in-depth evaluation of translated content, Back translation to validate accurate reflection of the source content and many more.

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