Translation Work Process

This process is applied to projects within our Premium Package with 5-step quality assurance and control for documents of vital importance.

This premium package is highly recommended for medical, IT, engineering, legal or marketing texts, all documents for publication and/or those intended to promote a brand or product, as well as all business websites.

At Translators Family we use a 5-step quality control and assurance process in order to guarantee that final translations are top-quality and ready for publication




Requests job

Client Manager

Estimates project cost, deadlines, instructions

Project Manager

Assesses task, organizes the process, assigns suppliers

Software engineer (required for some projects)

Selects CAT, LQA and localisation tools

QA Manager, translator(s), editor(s) (for large projects):

Compile glossary of frequent terms, plus style guide with instructions for translation of dates, proper names, etc.


Translate and review their own work

Technical editor(s)

Control correct use of terminology and appropriate style; evaluate the translator’s work

Linguistic proofreader

Checks language, grammar, style; evaluates the translator’s work

QA manager

Compares text before and after editing; ensures consistency of terminology and style, adherence to glossary and style guide, double-checks spelling, grammar and layout; evaluates the editors’ work


Confirm corrections

DTP manager (required for some projects)

Converts file format, polishes layout

QA Manager

Checks formatted files, post-DTP proofreading

Project manager

Performs final spot-check of translation and delivery, evaluates suppliers


Receives translation

Each translation is assessed by our proofreader or QA manager using our checklist of common mistakes. This checklist and its score are sent to the translator along with the edited text.

This way, translators always see their mistakes. The scores are summarised by our General Manager, and translators who score excellent marks over the course of several months receive a premium bonus. We only work with translators who deliver excellent work. All of this means that our translators are motivated to do their best and deliver nothing but high-quality results.

In all cases, our translations are always proofread, because to err is human. Even if there are no errors, our proofreaders and QA managers can often improve the text stylistically or find a better alternative translation. Two heads are better than one.

We assign only native speakers of the target language with at least five years’ translation experience in a relevant area. So, e.g., our English into Russian translations are carried out by native Russian-speaking professionals, and English into Ukrainian translations by native Ukrainian-speaking professionals. When we translate from Polish, Russian or Ukrainian into English we involve native English-speaking linguists.

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