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English into Russian Document Translation for the UNHCR Ukrainian office

About the client

In 2016, Translators Family won a long-term contract with the Ukraine office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to provide document translation between English and Russian. Estimated volume: 6,000 pages per year.

The challenge

The UN agency is an important intragovernmental organisation which needs high-quality translation services. The UNHCR was looking for a reliable vendor that could guarantee both quality and competitive prices.

The solution

unhcr Russian translation for UN

With experience under our belts in translation for another UN agency and a US department of education, as well as in translation of a two-million-word political website, we proved that we were the right experts for this project. As the company relied on the resources of our Ukrainian team of translators, we were well positioned to understand the situation in Ukraine, which is important for a project related to refugees in Ukraine.

Given the keen competition during the tender, we decided to offer our best possible price for the project. We knew that many other Ukrainian companies hire beginners and even students to offer low prices, so we could not compete with them. However, our price offer in comparison with other reputable translation companies was quite competitive

All of these factors allowed us to win the tender.

Now we are successfully cooperating with the UNHCR as their dedicated translation vendor.