Translators’ Incentive at Translators Family

How we motivate our translators to deliver high-quality translations

Incentives for translators

To ensure continued high standards of work, we at Translators Family run an incentive programme to motivate our linguists to deliver their best results consistently, as well as to improve their skills.

Our quality control process includes multiple-stage editing and QA, as well as evaluation of every project. Every translation, even those carried out by professionals with whom we have been working for many years, is reviewed and assessed by an editor/proofreader and/or our QA manager, using our checklist of common errors.

This checklist includes several quality criteria, based on the following types of errors:

  • misspellings and typographic errors,
  • grammar/syntax/punctuation errors,
  • omissions/additions in translation compared with source text,
  • incorrect meaning of source text in translation,
  • incorrect usage of terminology,
  • inconsistencies within translation,
  • inappropriate style,
  • problems with formatting,
  • non-adherence to instructions.

The translation is awarded an evaluation score according to the number of errors, and the checklist and its score are sent to the translator along with the edited text.

Evaluation scores and checklists are also visible through our project management system to the project manager, general manager and HR manager.

This means that our translators always see their own mistakes and can learn from them. The scores are summarised monthly by our general manager and/or HR manager and linguists who have excellent scores during the month receive premium bonus payments.

We only work with linguists who regularly deliver satisfactory results on time.

As a result, our translators are motivated to do their best and deliver only high-quality work.

Equally, our customers can be sure that their projects are in the hands of tested and reliable professionals.

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