Creating, modifying and optimising your content

When translation alone is not enough

Copy Writing & Transcreation Services

Our multilingual team offers:

  • Creation of new content in English, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian and other languages: copywriting and content writing services for your website, blog, social media and marketing materials
  • Modification of your content in all popular languages: transcreation services, i.e. adapting existing content for new markets or audiences
  • Optimisation of your web content: multilingual SEO (keywords research and optimisation of meta content for your website in multiple languages) as well as the creation and optimisation of PPC (pay-per-click) ad copy.

Creating content for a new market

Our highly-skilled linguists can transform your existing content into something perfectly tailored for a new market, or create brand-new content from scratch. Thanks to our multi-step quality control systems, we have managed to deliver beautifully-written, flawless texts for a number of organisations and companies, including EF Education First.

Sometimes you need more than just a simple translation. Cultural differences or market forces can leave you feeling like you need more than just the same content in a new language – you need a whole new approach. Copywriting and transcreation services are ideal for exactly these kinds of situations.

What is transcreation and why do you need it?

Standard translation is a linear and purely linguistic process: a translator takes the meaning from a source text and preserves that meaning precisely as they transfer it to a new language. For some purposes, however, this process may not be enough. If you are preparing to expand your business into a new national market, you may conclude from your research that you need to do more in order to stand out from the existing competition – or respond to a different set of expectations from your customers. Equally, an established brand name in one country can be completely unheard of in another, so if you can’t count on customers knowing your existing reputation, perhaps you need a fresh start.

Transcreation meets these needs by providing a more holistic approach to the localisation process. Rather than blindly transferring meaning across languages, transcreation critically analyses your requirements based on your existing approach in the source language, your goals and expectations for the localisation project, and the current conditions in the target-language market. It then “recreates” your content in a form that ideally matches your purposes without being tied too closely to the original source. The end result is a brand identity and marketing strategy that is perfectly suited to your new target audience, free of any compromises arising from linguistics or from your strategies elsewhere in the world.

What is copywriting and why do you need it?

Copywriting takes a different approach once again: it avoids the localisation process altogether, instead creating new content from scratch in whichever language you need. You can provide us with a brief that discusses the text’s intended purpose as well as the content and information you want to include, or alternatively, we’ll work with you to develop a brief ourselves. Our expert copywriters will then produce a beautifully-written document or set of documents to meet your exact needs.
Copywriting is ideal for times when each locale requires a unique approach. Naturally, we can also produce content in your native language as well – an ideal option if you want to scale up your marketing efforts without having to hire an entire in-house marketing department.