Translators Family case: Vital Voices

About the client

Vital Voices Global Partnership is an American non-profit and non-governmental organisation that was established in 1997. The main aim of the organisation is cooperation with women leaders in the areas of women’s political participation, human rights and economic empowerment




The challenge

The organisation contacted us with an urgent request for the translation of more than 60,000 words from English into Polish for their upcoming training sessions in Warsaw. There were a number of challenges:

1. The deadline was in a week.

2. The text included legal terminology and jargon used by stakeholders in the criminal justice system and was related to gender-based violence and sexual assault. It was therefore of the utmost importance that the materials were translated by linguists with experience in translating similar texts.

3. The documents had complex formatting, including non-editable text in pptx files.



The solution

Due to the short timeframe for the work, we had to split the documents among several translators. However, it was important that the terminology was consistent across the files since the translated materials included both presentations and hand-out materials for workshops during the same training session. Therefore, the first thing we did was to prepare a glossary of the most common terms used in the project. Then we created a style guide, which included instructions on, for example, how to address the recipients or how to translate “you” into Polish, as it could be a formal or informal form, singular or plural (Ty or Pan/Pani, Wy or Państwo).

We assigned linguists who were not only experienced in the translation of similar texts but who were also excited by the opportunity of working on such a vital project related to the prevention of violence against women.

Using an online CAT tool, our translators used a shared translation memory which was automatically updated by translation and thus allowed the translators to use the same terminology and style across the files. It also allowed our reviewers to check the translation on an ongoing basis. That way, we managed to maintain the consistency and high quality of the texts as well as meet the tight deadline.
Our DTP managers handled the formatting issues and the client received the translated documents with the same layout as the source files.

New challenges

After completing the translation, the client sent us several additional documents to be translated. It is highly likely that Vital Voices will organise further training sessions in other countries, which will mean preparing additional translations into other language pairs.

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