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About the client

REACH is a leading humanitarian initiative providing granular data, timely information and in-depth analysis from contexts of crisis, disaster and displacement. The work of REACH directly feeds into aid response and decision-making by providing accessible and precise information on the humanitarian situation of crisis-affected populations.

About the project

Translators Family had the opportunity of participating in a four-day conference held in Warsaw by British specialists from the Save The Children Fund. The conference was the initiative of the humanitarian organisation REACH. The event’s purpose was to train Ukrainian researchers to conduct studies among displaced people from Ukraine.

The research objective was to analyse the vulnerabilities, risks, protective factors, and protection needs of children, adolescents and their caregivers displaced by the conflict in Ukraine, to improve evidence-based strategies relating to child protection and monetary transfers. Our interpreters played a crucial role in ensuring the conference’s success.




The challenge

Our task was to organise the work of professional interpreters proficient in English and Ukrainian and who also had a deep understanding of this topic. The challenge was that there was a limited number of such specialists in this language pair in Warsaw.


The solution

Having a wide network of professional interpreters in Poland and other European countries, we assigned this task to two English-Ukrainian conference interpreters with relevant experience.

The result

The Save the Children Fund and REACH met their goals of preparing Ukrainian researchers to conduct necessary studies which in its turn will provide relevant information on the situation of refugee households with children in the EU and furthermore assist and develop policies in line with this population’s needs.

We are incredibly proud to have played a part in such an important event. Following this project, we continue expanding our language assistance to humanitarian organisations responding to the Ukraine crisis.

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