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Adapt your poker/casino/betting/other website or application for new markets with professional translation services

The online gambling sector is booming – and users online don’t mind where your business is based as long as you can offer them an exciting, rewarding experience. Translating your online gambling site or application is an excellent way to grow your target market.

Translators Family is an experienced provider in this sector, having spent many years working on translation and localisation projects for a wide range of online casino, poker and betting businesses. Our specialist technical expertise means we can also localise web and software content of all kinds.


Why choose Translators Family for your gambling translation projects?

  • An extensive project history for other providers in this sector
  • For gambling projects we assign the translators who are keen players of poker and other casino games, granting them excellent subject matter knowledge
  • A watertight workflow process ensures multiple-step quality control
  • We guarantee a properly translated and localised product instead of a simple literal translation
  • Careful formatting and layout for printed materials and online content
  • Our translation rates are among the most competitive in the business



Reference from Katie Lee

Did you know…
  • There are 103 million Russian-speaking Internet users *, 25 million Polish speaking Internet users * and 19 million Polish speaking Internet users.*
  • 55% of your potential visitors/clients may leave your website if there is no translated/localised version in their native language.*
  • Since 2009, the gambling business in Russia and Ukraine has been restricted and allowed only in certain designated zones. As a consequence, gamblers have turned to online services.
  • Sports betting is the only legal form of online and mobile gambling in Poland.
  • A successful online gaming or gambling service needs both translation and localisation services for maximum effect.