22 Tips On How To Use AI Humanisation To Get Benefits From It?

AI-humanisation is a brand-new area of linguistics and marketing. AI and AI-related services like humanisation are our future, but AI evokes different emotions among specialists. From the euphoria that now you can make content 10 times faster to the horror that no one will need marketers, translators, or copywriters because now there is a clever magic robot. We want to remain realistic and highlight the main points of AI-humanisation.

AI content generators and AI writing assistants are powerful tools.

In minutes, you can create a new text for a website, social network, or email campaign. However, what’s the catch? AI knows nothing about your audience – meanings, business goals, emotional connection, humor, real-life expertise, and new ideas. Additionally, the AI doesn’t write anything new! He creates texts from what has ALREADY been written. This is the critical difference between the text created by AI and the text written by a person inspired by his work. So, we can not compare human labor and AI generation. Human creativity is no less powerful tool too. We at Translators Family think that AI-humanisation combines the strengths of humans and AI.

How to use AI to get benefits from it?

  1. Let the AI check your grammar.
  2. Boost your text with more relevant synonyms.
  3. Strengthen the text with accuracy if there are dates and numbers.
  4. Add dates and numbers to the text to make it more impressive.
  5. Remove repetitions, tautologies, and colloquial phrases if needed.
  6. Play with the metaphors the AI offers you.
  7. Amplify the text with a table or infographic, AI will tell you what topics it can be done on.
  8. Suggest SEO formatting for text.
  9. Choose hashtags for text.
  10. Ask how many mentions of your brand were favorable in this kind of text.
  11. Ask AI to analyze comments on social media on this topic to reveal topical issues.
  12. Check text for plagiarism if you take data from different sources.
  13. Analyze the audience’s posts to understand their needs and emotions toward your brand.
  14. Collect targeting keywords in advertising campaigns if you plan to promote this text.
  15. Ask which CTA is best suited for this text.

How to humanise the AI-generated content?

Illustration of an AI and a human having a conversation. This image represents the potential for collaboration and understanding between humans and artificial intelligence.
Humans and AI working together to solve problems and create a better future.


  • Add in the text some understandable and familiar to the target audience examples.
  • Add humor, and personal anecdotes if needed. After all, a good joke has never gotten in the way, has it?
  • Build trust and credibility with details about your brand’s history, failures and victories, doubts and fears.
  • Proofread to make your text sounds natural without common vocabulary or technical terms.
  • Make the content more SEO-friendly with a clear and logical structure, without spam, and with visualisation.
  • Add personality. Let your personality shine through in your writing with storytelling.
  • Be conversational. Ask questions along the way, and make references to your other materials.

By following these tips, you can create AI-generated content that is more engaging, relatable, and trustworthy.

Have you already implemented AI in your work?