4 psychological triggers to attract customers

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The whole point of marketing is to try to influence people But the catch is that you can’t influence people without understanding them. That’s why it’s vital to first learn the psychology of customer behavior for a marketing campaign to be successful. What drives people? Why do we tend to make some decisions and not others? And most importantly, what can you do so that people don’t just choose your services but become loyal customers and…

10 design trends that will stay hot in 2022

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TOP 10 design trends in 2022 Today we’ll look at 10 design trends that we think can increase ad CTR for the rest of 2021 and into 2022 An important disclaimer right away. We don’t aim to be prescriptive in this article. This isn’t a list of dos and don’ts. Each creative aims for a specific audience and exists in a specific social and media context. Every design decision has a right to life – someone might

The future is in content marketing! Let’s put this theory to the test

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The future is in content marketing We face advertising noise daily and have learned to ignore it. Teaser headlines and banners impress few people. Users want useful material that will solve their problems. What’s more, they want a personal touch and a focus on their needs. Content marketing can offer precisely that. Content marketing: what it is It is the creation and distribution of quality content with a view to building a trusting relationship with customers. High-quality content…

What is a sales funnel and why do businesses need it?

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What is a sales funnel and why do businesses need it? Every consumer of any goods or services walks roughly the same path from the onset of a problem to the purchase of a product that will help resolve that problem. The American advertising expert Elias St. Elmo Lewis noticed and described this pattern about 120 years ago. It was he who introduced the concept of the “consumer funnel,” which eventually became the reference template for…

How to optimize website pages to attract new customers

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How to optimize main website pages to attract new loyal customers? People are spending an increasing amount of time online, and it’s getting harder and harder to draw their attention. Even when they’re already on your website, you still need to convince them to share. Landing pages aren’t usually used for registration, but they help attract customers through thoughtful design, text, and a clear strategy. If you set up your landing pages properly, you can easily…

Top 7 Google My Business features

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Best Google My Business features It’s no secret that the degree to which you complete your business page in Google My Business determines its position in local search. In other words, keeping your page up to date makes it easier for your potential customers to find you and make a decision about purchasing products or services faster and easier. This service also provides an opportunity to keep in constant contact with customers through feedback and online chat. Although…