Advertising Techniques that Affect Us

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Often, we create texts for landing pages, email ad campaigns, and websites and make our list of techniques that can achieve the most significant impact on the audience. Gratitude effect. People don’t like to feel like a debtor, so we often use lead magnets, gifts, special individual bonuses, guides, or personal offers when writing texts….

Beautiful text vs well-selling text: which is cooler

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Beautiful copywriting Customers often ask copywriters to write a “beautiful” text, full of complex adjectives and dithyrambs about a company. In such a text, you are sure to encounter phrases such as: “excellent specialists,” “vast experience,” “modern, unique equipment,” and other clichés. Such texts are not difficult to find: you will find them in almost any Google search. What is the difference between a well-selling text and a pompous one? Usefulness Everyone concentrates on their personal needs. This is…

Concise text – the triumph of reason or a complete failure?

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Concise texts: guidelines and rules We deal with the written word on a daily basis: we run our blog or write client social media posts, we create texts for work, or write a diary. So, let’s figure out what kind of texts will spur a person to take action? From liking to conversion. To make the text succinct, answer these questions. Whom am I writing for? Example: You are blogging about technology and have decided to do a…

9 original tips for content marketers to increase the value of their work

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Content marketing is not just about texts It’s about selling through texts. Today, content is an important tool for business promotion, so the demand for it is very high. And a good content expert is a rarity nowadays. Therefore, if you are a good writer, you can earn good money. Therefore, we will now give you a few tips on how to boost the value of your services. Study basic marketing analysis In other words, this includes analysis…

Social media is necessary for any business

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Social media is necessary for any business Firstly, this is the way of communication with loyal customers. Secondly, new subscribers are also your target audience, which requires to be analyzed so that the business remains useful. Thirdly, conversions to the site from social networks are important factors for search engines, the so-called social signals. Thanks to them, your website goes up in the search results. As a company with several years of experience in copywriting, we…

Why Do You Need A Copywriter For Your Business

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Every type of business needs to build communication with customers. So, a blog helps you to present your brand. It also maintains the interest of your audience. Blod also notifies about your corporate events and news. To do this professionally you need to have a qualified copywriter. A skilled copywriter becomes one of the key experts. Copywriters create the voice of your brand. The responsibility of a copywriter is not only to write spotless and…