Beautiful text vs well-selling text: which is cooler

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Beautiful copywriting

Customers often ask copywriters to write a “beautiful” text, full of complex adjectives and dithyrambs about a company. In such a text, you are sure to encounter phrases such as: “excellent specialists,” “vast experience,” “modern, unique equipment,” and other clichés. Such texts are not difficult to find: you will find them in almost any Google search.

What is the difference between a well-selling text and a pompous one?


Everyone concentrates on their personal needs. This is normal. On opening a text, we evaluate whether it will benefit us. Will this product solve the problem I need to solve? So, the main task is to inform the reader that you know how to help them accomplish their aspirations.


Customer language

Imagine you’ve decided to have a New Year’s Eve party. Is this party for young people or families with children? The idea is the same, but the concept of the event will be completely different. It’s the same with text: in order for it to impress readers, it’s crucial to analyze the audience and “speak their language.”


Proofs only

Be specific. Not “an experienced professional,” but “a makeup artist with four years of experience who won the 2020 MakeUp Awards”. Give the reader facts that will convince them of your professionalism.


Confidence in your product

Customers often say: let’s not make overconfident promises; we are not sure that future results will be effective. As a result of such edits, we get poor and indecisive content, where the reader is given vague promises such as the fastest possible result. Base your work on features, service, and anything else that prevents you from making a performance claim.



To get ahead of the competition and attract more customers, you need to be different. And you can do this in three key areas: price, service, and quality. Choose your variant.



We all know that it’s easy to stand out by offering the lowest prices. But you know that’s a dead-end road, fraught with dumping and loss of profits for all market participants. So play hard. For example, add a bonus or bonuses to the set price:

  • Order a mattress in our store, and we’ll deliver it for free;
  • Buy a phone, and we’ll put 50% of the cost back into the bonus account;
  • Pay for a French course and get three free bonus classes with a native speaker.



Perhaps you have the most courteous couriers who arrive on the dot? Or maybe you sell the best chocolate, supplied to you by a family-owned chocolatier from the south of France? You may think that quality is something expected by default. But your customers don’t know that you are committed to such a great degree. Feel free to talk about your accomplishments! And then deliver what you promise.


Key advantage

Of course, your text should describe all the key benefits. When your clients read it, they should say: “Really? Great, that’s so cool!”


The answer to the main question

Every word of your text is meant to answer the question: why should the customer buy from you? Test each sentence against that question and boldly cut out anything that doesn’t influence that decision and instead distracts the reader.


Inner skeptic

Go back to the text you’ve written after a couple of hours and read it as if you were a potential client. Be detached, skeptical, and ask questions. What’s worth remembering?

  • A beautiful text is not the same as a sales text. The task of a sales text is to convey information about the product, show its benefits, and persuade a potential client to make a decision.
  • The process of creating a sales text should start with an analysis of your target audience and competitors: this will help you decide what to write about and in what tone.
  • Whether it’s a post or a landing page, any selling text should end with a call to action.
  • Avoid “dilution”. Every word of your text should answer the question “why should the customer buy from you?
  • Switch on your inner sceptic to check the text and add essential details.
  • Order services from Translators Family and be completely satisfied with the results.