Find out what’s wrong with your CTA in 5 minutes

Translators Family blog: CTA

CTA formation rules

From social media advertising to SEO promotion, all of your efforts are ultimately aimed at increasing conversions. And the last element that leads to conversion is the call to action.

CTA text: “I-message”

Form the call-to-action as if you were perceiving the information as a buyer. For example, in a recent project for an SEO promotion company, we used the CTA “I want my site to be at the top”. Don’t choose frigid “Buy” and “Order” – get closer to your customer.

Bonuses and triggers

Use triggers that will interest the customer – free, gift, discounted, etc. For example, a customer is often not ready to buy right away but is happy to start getting to know your brand with a subscription and discount on their first purchase. Engage the customer with bonuses or discounts.

100% clarity

Articulate exactly what benefits the customer will receive after the targeted action. For example, if you offer a free checklist, use the CTA “Get the checklist for free” instead of the dry “Download”. The main rule is that the customer must clearly understand what will happen after he clicked the button.

Avoid standards

Traditional appeals like “Buy now” work poorly if they’re not backed up by a story. In today’s marketing environment, it’s vital to look for more creative solutions.


When creating a CTA, it’s not just the text that’s important, but also the color, the location of the button, and the content surrounding it. So don’t forget this and put all variants to the test.

Much more

Don’t throw everything into the call to action – work on the product and the portfolio. If you’re going to sell a new iPhone for $5, it doesn’t matter what the button says.

Professionals only

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