Instagram etiquette: communicating correctly

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How to communicate via Instagram correctly

There is no greater joy for an SMM marketer than an increase in engagement rates. But along with this increase in likes and comments, the need to be in touch with your account followers grows. Let’s figure out how to coordinate comments and maintain your reputation as a responsive and friendly brand.

Work with scripts and automation

This point applies primarily to manufacturers and retailers who often receive the same type of questions via direct mail or comments. For example: how can I make an order? When can I pay? How can I check the availability of goods? And so on. Even if the company is able to hire 15 employees to sift through comments, an automated process and the right scripts will prove highly beneficial.

Make a list of the most popular users’ requests in comments and write down the appropriate universal answer to each question. You can do it in a table form.

After you’ve prepared questions and answers to popular questions, you have two options for working with them:

  • A chatbot that can connect with the employee and provide answers/links to the most popular questions;
  • Scripts for real employees that they can copy to correspond with the subscriber.

In each option, the most important factor is the ability to connect the subscriber with a real person who can provide individualized assistance. Scripts and automation are needed first and foremost to easily sort queries so that managers can avoid being distracted by “how do I find your site?” and work with customers who need more in-depth help with products. Remember that polite scripts are the key to successful sales.


Be open

Don’t forget – all subscribers can see comments. “Reply to direct” to lure a subscriber to personal communication is no longer available. This way, you will only clutter up the direct mail with a ton of identical messages and irritate other customers who want to know the price/package/delivery terms of your products or services. Answer subscribers’ questions in the comments. Don’t ignore controversial points and joke around with your audience. Even a conflicting situation in the comments can play into your hands, by politely explaining the situation and apologizing, you show your brand’s ability to interact amicably with its customers. Believe me, people very often make decisions about a brand by its methods of communicating with subscribers.


Ask questions and interact with your audience

Don’t be afraid to interact with your subscribers as if they were your friends (within the bounds of propriety, of course) ask questions, make jokes, and sometimes you can even bicker in jest. With direct questions, you’ll not only get valuable feedback on products/employee performance/customer opinion, but you’ll also be able to communicate brand values to a wider audience. It’s also a great opportunity to increase subscribers’ loyalty to the company.


Watch out for ads in the comments

As obvious as this rule is, many brands don’t have time to pay attention to spam comments. “Earn money online without SMS and registration” is sometimes found in the comments of even big brands that have almost entirely automated SMM. So, try to monitor the status of your comments. An account with a lot of spam under posts evokes neglect, which puts customers off from asking questions.


Adhere to brand voice

Brand voice is an integral part of any company’s communication strategy. Editorial policies, conflict resolution tips, and the right tone of voice all affect how a brand is perceived by its audience. A company’s reputation is shaped, in part, by its ability to resolve controversial situations, politeness, and openness with its subscribers. When communicating with the audience in comments, it is important to take into account the recommendations prescribed in relation to the tone of voice. The tone and nature of messages should be the same and recognizable. Even if several people work on your project. Otherwise, users won’t be able to put together a unified picture of different responses to conflicts or price requests. A brand is a collective image that should be recognizable even in the smallest things.

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