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A selection of the latest Instagram updates

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Instagram updates

How do you add a series of photos? The button that previously allowed you to upload multiple photos at once. The much-loved “Carousel” – is no longer available on Instagram. Now, to add more than one photo, you have to click on the photo you plan to post first and hold down until the familiar circle for marking the next photo appears. The feature continues to work but has an updated format.


Blocking a user and all their future accounts

“By blocking someone on the Instagram app, you can block not only that person’s current account but also any new accounts they may create in the future. If you click on the “block account” button, you are given a choice: block the user and their new accounts or just the profile. This can help limit your spam or abusive messages from trolls.


Instagram users will be able to choose the treatment they want

The company plans to make this option available to everyone. But right now the update is only available in some countries. The pronouns can be added to bios through settings and made visible to everyone or just friends. This feature will allow people to add up to four pronouns to their profile, which they can then display publicly or only to their followers.


New tools in Instagram Insights

The social network is currently provided with detailed statistics for Live and Reels. For Reels, new metrics will be shown, including views, reached accounts, likes, comments, saves, and reposts. For Live broadcasts, the following will become available: the maximum number of viewers at one time, covered accounts, comments, and reposts. These parameters will also be included in the overall account analytics to get a broader picture of how Reels and Live broadcasts affect an account’s reach. We’re sure these tools will help you discover new insights and find more ways to grow on Instagram! In addition, remember that if you need good multilingual content, you can always turn to Translators Family.