How to trick Instagram algorithms: 5 ways

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C without a budget is tricky

Advertising helps to quickly build up the number of followers and increase activity. But then you have to sweat over the organic promotion methods. And the result is not guaranteed. There are two reasons: huge competition and confident transition to the platform pay to play mode – you want results, you must pay. However, Instagram algorithms can outsmart and accelerate the growth of your profile, without you spending a penny. The social network is interested in showing its users only interesting and relevant content. This approach allows you to increase the in-app time, audience loyalty, and advertising revenue.

It turns out that if you want to trick Instagram’s algorithms, you need to offer it what it’s looking for. Here are 5 ways to do it.

Stick to one niche

Instagram determines what your account is about by the content of your posts, hashtags, and engagement. It’s important to stick to one niche: the algorithm will learn faster and show your posts more often to people with similar interests. And it’s not just the content that matters, but also your behavior, in particular, which profiles you interact with. Don’t blog “about everything and about this too,” choose a specific topic, as then it will be easier to promote your profile organically.


Add calls to action

Instagram ranks content based on comments, likes, reposts, and video views. Motivate your audience by adding calls to action in your posts:

  • ask for a thank you for posting helpful content;
  • ask a question;
  • get subscribers’ opinions;
  • come up with a riddle;
  • hold a competition where it is necessary to mention a friend.


Take SEO into account

Searching on Instagram is a long way from Google, but this function can nevertheless help you with promotional aspects. Users search for accounts, tags, and places, and in some countries, also keywords. For search engine optimization, try:

  • write informative captions for posts;
  • enter alt-text for all photos (advanced settings when adding a new post – write alt-text);
  • add keywords to your profile name and/or bio;
  • use up to 30 relevant hashtags.


Increase the effectiveness of hashtags

Instagram is constantly changing, but hashtags remain a working tool for organic promotion. Follow these guidelines when choosing hashtags:

  • choose only hashtags that are relevant to the post, and also take into account what queries your target audience may use whilst searching for you;
  • give preference to hashtags with a volume of 10 to 250 thousand publications;
  • avoid blocked hashtags; you can check the selected phrases through internal search – if the output shows posts with a hashtag, then that hashtag is not blocked;
  • add hashtags with different reach to one post.


Use new features

Master new formats quickly; the algorithms like them. In addition, the competition in new directions is lower: IGTV, masks, live streams, Reels, and guides are much less saturated with content than tapes and stories. And contact us to create content plan or order copywriting services from Translators Family.

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