Diversity in marketing: why advertising creatives must be inclusive

Translators Family blog: Diversity in marketing

Some facts about inclusive advertising

There’s long been a problem: advertising doesn’t mirror reality. And the result? The ads don’t hit the target, and our budget disappears.

How do you make your creatives inclusive? Include people from different groups in your team to create a base of inclusive images and make the process of creating the ad itself inclusive. When planning a shoot, make sure that people from underrepresented groups are involved in all stages of the process.

How do you make a really good ad?

Do away with stereotypes: Avoid traditional gender roles: dads can babysit kids, too. People with disabilities can work and cope on their own. Portray the real-life and emotions of your users. We need to move to an intersectional aesthetic that helps everyone feel that they are not being ignored. Don’t be shy and be honest. Perfection is no longer in vogue; it’s all about being real.


In conclusion 

Inclusive advertising is the right thing to do. Moreover, your customers, employees, and executives need it. It improves the brand image, allows you to demonstrate your brand’s intent, and it is highly likely to help improve your results. Thus, people will understand that you’re not ignoring them, which will help you build a strong and trustworthy relationship with a wide audience.

  1. Watch your representation. If you plan to update your creatives, pay attention to sociocultural diversity. Check to see if minorities are represented in the ads and if there is a clear shift in favor of any group. Consider how to portray the surrounding reality. Avoid stereotypes when planning and creating creatives.
  2. Ensure inclusiveness at all stages of the process. The more people from underrepresented groups participate, the more likely your ad will resonate with the right audience.
  3. Collect data, analyze and draw conclusions. As with any marketing campaign, you’ll need a data collection and feedback system to analyze results and make changes as needed. In our experience, creatives that depict different people and real-life scenes resonate with a wider audience.

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