What will help you retain customers during the period of quarantine instability?

Translators Family blog: COVID-19

What will help you retain customers during the period of the COVID-19 instability?

The COVID-19 pandemic complicates and alters familiar decision-making processes. How to deal with customers? How to attract new ones? Here are 5 tricks that are sure to help.

Perfectly packaged social media with stress-free, panic-free content 

Brands communicating with customers in these emotionally challenging times should express empathy and concern. As the situation changes and consumer attention is captured, it is important to communicate briskly, concisely, and to the point. So, to achieve this, abandon any redundant words. Focus on delivering a clear message.


Many people need authoritative advice 

People want to know what the experts think when new problems and challenges arise. Moreover, they don’t just care about our health and safety. Your clients need help in making choices and deciding whether to order something now or put it off. This volatile situation makes it difficult for businesses to take into account all of the government regulations and guidelines, as well as general changes.


Category heuristics change, priorities need to be reevaluated 

Heuristics are the rules we use when deciding to buy certain products or services. For example, we buy a product if it says “organic” or “gluten-free” on the packaging, or we rate mobile plans by the amount of traffic. At a time when we are busy with other problems, we are left to rely on heuristics. The challenge for brands is to understand how a crisis affects customer needs. The point is to understand what is needed. Some orders may become irrelevant – think about what you can do to spark the interest of these people. Perhaps remote lessons in their languages or help with social media? Think about it and make some suggestions.


In times of financial crisis, special offers are particularly popular 

We know that customers like free shipping or two-for-one offers. But in times of financial instability, such offers are more valuable than usual. Brand representatives should consider this. Make the offers useful by considering customer priorities. Pay attention to financial concerns, and monitor the tone of your messages.


We live here and now 

People are designed to live in the present. That’s why apps with quick downloads and next-day delivery are so popular. It makes it hard for us to stick to long-term goals, like saving money or losing weight. The coronavirus pandemic has reminded us how important it is to be in the present and how unpredictable the future can be. Some plans, like weddings and travel, have had to be put on hold. We are being forced to think about serious problems. In times of crisis, it’s important to show customers that they can get the products and services they need right away. 

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