TikTok for business: a game changer or a waste of time?

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TikTok for business: a game changer or a waste of time?

TikTok is not a platform for schoolchildren, and it can be very useful for business promotion. Let’s figure out who it’s good for?

Great for mass-market

If the process of making a purchase decision in your industry only takes the client little time, you should definitely consider creating an account on TikTok. The platform is ideal for bloggers (beginners and experienced) and translators alike. Who else will be successful? Stores with clothing, footwear, children’s toys, as well as beauty salons and furniture showrooms. Language services can also score big-time on TikTok.

Bad for B2B

If your product is complex and rare, or you work with B2B clients, it’s better to favor another, more formal network, such as Facebook or LinkedIn. B2B clients usually use detailed quotations with precise calculations.

How to make a video for TikTok?

Well, TikTok is an entertainment social network, so whatever you publish, it needs to be humorous and creative. Your potential customers must be provided with content that is entertaining.


Explain in detail what you can do for your customers. Avoid general statements, make a video about each service or product separately. The more information customers get about your services, the more likely they will want to order them. If you are a translator – make a video about each language you know using theme songs and attributes (for example, use a baguette instead of a microphone to demonstrate your knowledge of French).


Collect them right after a purchase or service is rendered by recording a video for TikTok. Or ask the customer to post a review about you in a personal social media account with your profile tagged. After it is published, you can repost it on your page. Video reviews are always a huge plus.


Invite people to visit your store or website, motivate them to take part in a promotion or raffle. Promote your new article on the blog by asking engaging questions and quoting fascinating facts.


FAQ is a very popular section. Collect relevant questions from your subscribers, for example, in the comments, and record the answers on camera. To make it easier to watch, make subtitles using the text from the questions.


Keep your audience up to date with the latest events. Regularly post videos with new products/services/events. This increases subscriber loyalty and motivates them to watch you.


Make a video about current vacancies in your company and publish it on your channel. Moreover, This is especially relevant for companies interested in young employees specializing in remote work. Or talk about yourself (video resume) to get noticed by recruiters.

Portfolio/case studies 

Place it in a video or photo slideshow with music. This will help potential clients evaluate your professionalism and speed up the decision-making process of ordering the service.


Showcase your expertise by publishing video flybacks and useful tips for your field of work. Don’t forget to be creative and bold. 


Record each employee talking on camera about their role and mission in the company. You can do this in the format of a fun dance flash mob, for example. Such videos work wonders on TikTok. If you’re a freelancer, you can dress up for each of your roles: as an accountant, team leader, coach, director, and employee. It’s an incredibly fun idea. 


Quote interesting facts about your company, partners, or industry. Moreover, show your key statistics: the number of completed orders, the number of satisfied customers, translated characters, etc. Such information inspires confidence and increases loyalty. 


Make positive and simple videos to teach others the language you specialize in. 

Remember that TikTok is a great way to improve traffic to your site and introduce your brand to new customers. Even if you don’t sell right away, a TikTok account will pay off in the long run. Are you already using it? Moreover, remember that we can write multilingual texts on any topic on your behalf. Thus, contact us – we have the right service for you.