10 design trends that will stay hot in 2022

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TOP 10 design trends in 2022 Today we’ll look at 10 design trends that we think can increase ad CTR for the rest of 2021 and into 2022 An important disclaimer right away. We don’t aim to be prescriptive in this article. This isn’t a list of dos and don’ts. Each creative aims for a specific audience and exists in a specific social and media context. Every design decision has a right to life – someone might

Top 7 Google My Business features

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Best Google My Business features It’s no secret that the degree to which you complete your business page in Google My Business determines its position in local search. In other words, keeping your page up to date makes it easier for your potential customers to find you and make a decision about purchasing products or services faster and easier. This service also provides an opportunity to keep in constant contact with customers through feedback and online chat. Although…

TikTok for business: a game changer or a waste of time?

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TikTok for business: a game changer or a waste of time? TikTok is not a platform for schoolchildren, and it can be very useful for business promotion. Let’s figure out who it’s good for? Great for mass-market If the process of making a purchase decision in your industry only takes the client little time, you should definitely consider creating an account on TikTok. The platform is ideal for bloggers (beginners and experienced) and translators alike. Who else will be successful?…

Diversity in marketing: why advertising creatives must be inclusive

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Some facts about inclusive advertising There’s long been a problem: advertising doesn’t mirror reality. And the result? The ads don’t hit the target, and our budget disappears. How do you make your creatives inclusive? Include people from different groups in your team to create a base of inclusive images and make the process of creating the ad itself inclusive. When planning a shoot, make sure that people from underrepresented groups are involved in all stages of the process. How…

How to trick Instagram algorithms: 5 ways

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Advertising helps to quickly build up the number of followers and increase activity. But then you have to sweat over the organic promotion methods. And the result is not guaranteed. There are two reasons: huge competition and confident transition to the platform pay to play mode – you want results, you must pay. However, Instagram algorithms can outsmart and accelerate the growth of your profile, without you spending a penny…

Find out what’s wrong with your CTA in 5 minutes

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CTA formation rules From social media advertising to SEO promotion, all of your efforts are ultimately aimed at increasing conversions. And the last element that leads to conversion is the call to action. CTA text: “I-message” Form the call-to-action as if you were perceiving the information as a buyer. For example, in a recent project for an SEO promotion company, we used the CTA “I want my site to be at the top”. Don’t choose frigid “Buy” and…