Advertising Techniques that Affect Us

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Often, we create texts for landing pages, email ad campaigns, and websites and make our list of techniques that can achieve the most significant impact on the audience. Gratitude effect. People don’t like to feel like a debtor, so we often use lead magnets, gifts, special individual bonuses, guides, or personal offers when writing texts….

Instagram etiquette: communicating correctly

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How to communicate via Instagram correctly There is no greater joy for an SMM marketer than an increase in engagement rates. But along with this increase in likes and comments, the need to be in touch with your account followers grows. Let’s figure out how to coordinate comments and maintain your reputation as a responsive and friendly brand. Work with scripts and automation This point applies primarily to manufacturers and retailers who often receive the same type of…

Beautiful text vs well-selling text: which is cooler

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Beautiful copywriting Customers often ask copywriters to write a “beautiful” text, full of complex adjectives and dithyrambs about a company. In such a text, you are sure to encounter phrases such as: “excellent specialists,” “vast experience,” “modern, unique equipment,” and other clichés. Such texts are not difficult to find: you will find them in almost any Google search. What is the difference between a well-selling text and a pompous one? Usefulness Everyone concentrates on their personal needs. This is…

Copywriting for IT: how to make your writing cool?

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How to make your IT copywriting cool? A common reason for bad texts is that humanists have little understanding of code, and developers like to throw around terms. How to fight it: listen, retell it in “human” terms – the IT specialist must nod in agreement. Important: the final text should be given to a specialist who knows the subject, for it to be proofread. This will protect you from numerous problems. And at the stage…

6 symptoms of quality content

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Great texts features Writing text is easy enough, but how do you write a text that doesn’t fail to attract the attention of search engines? Here are some useful tips. What’s important? Text length It is an important factor in search engine rankings, as well as a parameter that affects conversions. For successful ranking, it is better to stop at articles with a text length of 8000 characters without spaces for information resources. And on commercial sites, it…