Advertising Techniques that Affect Us

Often, we create texts for landing pages, email ad campaigns, and websites and make our list of techniques that can achieve the most significant impact on the audience.

Gratitude effect.

People don’t like to feel like a debtor, so we often use lead magnets, gifts, special individual bonuses, guides, or personal offers when writing texts. It creates the effect of a good act towards a person and, at the same time, increases the impact because people feel some debt.

The imitation effect is also widely used in copy advertising: We are often shown how entire crowds storm a store to buy an advertised product or how friends quarrel over a bag of chips. It is also used in texts and on websites: infographics of the number of clients, attached text or video reviews, photos of satisfied influencers, and voila – the text works much better.

Fear of missing out.

If you want visitors to buy your goods and services, create an additional motivation for them. For example, play on the fear of missing out – FOMO. We offer 3 ways to use this technique in contextual ad texts, on the website, in email campaigns, and in social media posts:

  • Show or tell about the remaining goods or places for the service.
  • Remind them of the time limit.
  • Compare your current price and your competitor’s price.

The instant gratification effect.

The human brain is arranged so that the benefit here and now is much more critical than some delayed profit. This effect is called hyperbolic discounting. It works like this: if a person is offered $100 today and $200 a month later, he is more likely to choose the first option.

That is why ad and copy texts often contain the words “Buy now and get a bonus,” “Gifts for purchase only today,” “Buy – pay later,” etc. You can write about deferred payment, free trial period, fast delivery, etc. It will work.

What other techniques have you seen in advertising? Tell us about them in the comments.

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