Top 7 Google My Business features

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Best Google My Business features

It’s no secret that the degree to which you complete your business page in Google My Business determines its position in local search.

In other words, keeping your page up to date makes it easier for your potential customers to find you and make a decision about purchasing products or services faster and easier. This service also provides an opportunity to keep in constant contact with customers through feedback and online chat.

Although Google My Business was launched back in 2014, it provides local businesses with an increasing number of promotional opportunities every year. It is actively used to promote various institutions. Some businesses do not see the point in it, others do not have the time, and the rest simply do not know about it. After all, the service is free, but to some, the fact that it is free leads them to believe it isn’t worthwhile to pursue.

If you haven’t yet created or optimized your Google My Business profile, it might be a good time to do so. Here are the seven most important features of Google My Business that should be explored in detail.


Describe your business organically, in simple language, mentioning keywords and phrases. 


This feature gives you the ability to create posts of up to 1,500 characters (about 300 words) that can inform your potential customers about important events or your company events, products, and other news. You can also add an image or video and a call to action to these short messages. A special “plus” of the publications is the ability to redirect traffic to your site via a clickable link button. 


In fact, it’s a full-fledged product catalog –  a mini online store – right on Google Maps. Moreover, as in the case of “Posts”, you can link to your site’s corresponding page to each product card. In this way, you will send even more traffic to your site. 


Track and respond to reviews about your company. This is one of the key indicators of a brand’s online reputation, which should be monitored carefully. Online chat is another way customers can quickly reach out to your business with questions or comments. 


Instead of face-to-face messages between customers and your business that can be repetitive, Google My Business has a feature that will allow you to publicly list those questions and answers. Business owners are not encouraged to “match” their own questions. They will appear organically, or you can encourage someone outside your company to ask common questions for this section. Just make sure you provide the answers! 


Many consumers who use local search are actively looking for a product or service. If your product or service can be pre-booked, this feature in Google My Business is sure to come in handy. An interested Google user just needs to click on the link (URL) provided to get to the appropriate section of the site or online booking service page. 


Informed means armed. In order to understand what kind of content attracts visitors to your page in Google, you need to track page analytics. It will give you information about how many people viewed your profile, how they got there, and what actions they took. Important: If site analytics and Google My Business page have the same owner (the account managing the services) – data from Site analytics will adjust data on users in the local search page statistics. This integration happens automatically and only in one direction – from site to page. 

Remember, a company’s reputation is made up of many aspects of its online presence. Search engine rankings depend on reviews, the amount of content on a business page in Google, presence in social networks, rankings in different sources, and other factors. Only constant work and multi-channel promotion will provide you with a high ranking in the search engine. 

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