Social media is necessary for any business

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Social media is necessary for any business

  • Firstly, this is the way of communication with loyal customers.
  • Secondly, new subscribers are also your target audience, which requires to be analyzed so that the business remains useful.
  • Thirdly, conversions to the site from social networks are important factors for search engines, the so-called social signals. Thanks to them, your website goes up in the search results.

As a company with several years of experience in copywriting, we collected a few important tips for social media post writing. Following them, your content will sound native, selling, and friendly.

A few important tips for social media post writing

Create a portrait of your classical client. Who is he/she?

What do they expect from you?

In this way, our solution to their problems = your selling proposition.

What are their difficulties and how can you help them?

A detailed description of the client’s pain.

What do they like?

Their leisure time activities.

What are their values?

Thanks to this stage, you will select the size of the post, glossary, tone of voice, phraseological units, etc. To connect with your audience on an emotional level, analyze success stories from your previous satisfied customers, and share them.

Communicate with your audience in their native language. Localization and adaptation of the website and social networks is the guarantee that people will understand you correctly and buy your goods or order your services. Besides, they will also recommend you to others.


Your brand tone

Develop your brand tone. In this manner, politeness, humor, expertise, speed of response, willingness to help solve your client’s problem.  Moreover, these are basic criteria for quality communication with clients. Finding the right communication tone for your business can help build trust and emotional affinity with people. Thus, this voice requires to be consistent throughout the content you create and the posts you share on social channels. The same should be with any actions you take on those networks.

Friendliness is free for you and priceless for the customer. Therefore, be kind whatever the situation appears. The ability to resolve conflicts in a friendly way declaims the maturity and credibility of the company.

Value the time of people. So, if you want your audience to give you their attention, you need to show that you value their time too. Moreover, make your content and posts easy to read, use clear and honest headings. Keep paragraphs to only two or three sentences and use natural vocabulary. Thereby, several expert articles per month are enough to be useful.


A variety of content

Use a variety of content. Thus, pictures and videos should make the information more accessible for clients. Furthermore, pictures and videos should be relevant to the topic and evoke certain pleasant emotions.

Add a polite call to action (CTA). Without one, most people won’t take any action after reading your content, even if they enjoyed it and derived value from it. Surely, CTAs come in different forms and have different purposes. Additionally, you can motivate your audience to take actions with these CTAs:

  • Invite them to like or share your posts.
  • Ask a question they can answer in the comments.
  • Direct them to your website.
  • Ask them to connect with you on other social media channels.
  • Invite them to your blog.

Undoubtedly good social media management will help your business become more recognizable. So, increase your reputation, and the trust of people. Write about your experience, share your knowledge, give useful advice, and if you do not have enough time for high-quality maintenance of social networks. We are always ready to help you!