10 Solutions To Keep Your Business Successful in 2021

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10 Solutions To Keep Your Business Successful in 2021

What you should do to keep a close relationship with your clients in the coming year.

Totally personalize

So ads, posts, and articles should be on time, written in the language in which your client thinks. Cover precisely the “pain” that worries them. Solution: hire a competent copywriter or an experienced translator if you supply goods and services to other countries or regions.


Befriend micro-influencers

Ordering ads from a millionaire blogger is no longer as effective as it used to be. Everyone already knows that a whole team is acting on their pages. Solution: consider small blogs of up to 50 thousand followers as more interesting. They are friendlier to people, more honest. Not necessarily Instagram bloggers, it can be YouTubers, administrators of public on Facebook and LinkedIn, or somebody else popular on the Internet.


Generate user content

The ranking of websites is becoming more and more difficult. Google bots will pay specific attention to user-generated content. User Content is everything that your client writes about your brand on his social networks, on your website in comments, on different forums, reviews, or in your Google Maps account. It is perfect if your customer left an honest, detailed, and positive review on your social networks or your Google Maps. Search engines have learned to recognize mentions of brands on external sites. By the way, this significantly increases the credibility of a website. Solution: launch interesting challenges, come up with promotions, do charity work. People will notice and appreciate it and engage in what you do.


Use a chatbot

That is the instant, relevant answers to all possible questions. This is what every business may need in 2021. People are too lazy to write by email or call. Moreover, they want to get an answer here and now. Solution: prepare answers from the chatbot in a simple and understandable style to reply to your clients’ queries instantly.


Show live product presentation

Worth emphasizing that people don’t trust promo texts. Solution: create a live video about your product. In addition, it’s a great way to communicate with clients. According to recent research (Wyzowl Source: State of Video Marketing Survey 2020), 95% of people watch a video about a product before buying.

Visualize and simplify data

So, it’s too boring to read complicated materials, people usually scroll down long texts. Thereby if the text can be converted into a graph or chart, then do it.  Therefore, show your company’s success, sales growth, number of customers clearly.


Take care of messengers

Is your company page on Facebook is filled up correctly, is there a beautiful feed on your Instagram, does your manager respond quickly to queries? Solution: in 2021, it will be possible to purchase goods on Instagram with one click. Thus, prepare your business to keep abreast of the times.


Make authentic content

Without a doubt, people want the truth. So, the ideal description of products or services is annoying. Solution: Keep your content attractive and trustworthy. So you should give your users the possibility to leave real feedback with both pros and cons. Also, answer the questions related to your business publicly.


Don’t ignore the world’s problems

Decidedly people buy from those companies who share similar views as they have. They will support the company, which has taken on an important, from their point of view, social mission. Solution: talk about problems of the world, show your attitude. Declare your position concerning the ecology of the planet, social projects, culture.


Promote your business

Undoubtedly in 2021, the free promotion will fade away. Targeted advertising and native bloggers will remain. To conclude provide cool content and set up ads correctly. Finally, let’s discuss your business ideas. Thus, email us at mail@translatorsfamily.com or call +48 792 447 724 (also Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram).