Strong websites have one thing in common!

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Strong websites have one thing in common: they publish excellent articles on their blogs

The authors write texts on topics that they completely understand, share valuable experiences, use real photos or videos, and check the facts. You can do this too!

Write about what you are sure of at 100%

Most of all, readers believe those writers who are well-versed in the topic. Are you a doctor, teacher, translator, pastry chef, a mother without days off? Whatever you do, there are readers on the Internet who are interested in your stories. Describe the events of your industry, your personal opinion, your business from the position of the owner — it is truly enjoyable to read from the expert.


Use real photos only

You can use pictures for free and legally from photo banks with an open license, such as and But it’s better to use your own photos: they are more credible and create a unique visual style for the blog. Add your videos or illustrations. So, if you have videos or even illustrations that you made yourself — drawings, photomontages, diagrams — feel free to dilute the publication with them. So they will be better read, and read-ups are an important indicator for Google Search Engine algorithms.


Choose a unique format

On your blog, you can try yourself as a critic or researcher, scientist, satirist, journalist, and write articles in a unique writing style. By the way, the genre is what will remain in the memory of your readers.


Check the facts and indicate the primary sources

This is especially important if you write about politics, economics, medicine, history, or make publications on other resonant topics, and at the same time, you are not an eyewitness to events. Readers are annoyed by fakes — articles with fictional content that pretend to be real news. Indicate the source: it can be large media with a good reputation, portals with scientific research, memoirs of historical figures, and other written documents, as well as experts and witnesses of the events.


Share a valuable experience

People like to read about things that they have never tried or are unlikely to try. This can be a rare service, a trip to an exotic place, a bold experiment, or a lesson that is accessible to few. Talk about such an experience in detail. They will make the text bright and captivating.


Find your unique style

Readers quickly remember an original style of speech. Moreover, a well-written text, without copy-paste and rewrite, becomes valuable very fast.


Take care of the design

To make the publication easy to read, work with its layout. Break the text into parts, use subtitles for different parts, make captions under pictures. Do not forget about the introductory block, in which you can quickly bring the reader up to date, and the closing paragraph. Make sure that the heading is truthful. Does not cover the main thing, and does not manipulate the reader with inappropriate words that give it a touch of gossip.

Thereby, writing one cool text is great, but filling the blog with them regularly is even better. Thanks to your persistence, readers will be loyal to you for a long time. Moreover, their loyalty will allow you to reach new levels of copyright success.

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